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Vision and Trends

At Planview, our vision is simple: to help organizations realize their resource potential. This PPM Vision and Trends category is all about thought leadership. Read about what Planview thought leaders are saying about the work and resource management market as it relates to PPM, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. We’ll also provide information on industry news, trends, and company stewardship. Whether you are seeking a sneak peek at our product lineup or curious about our latest innovation push, Visions and Trends contain a wide range of information. We’ll help you get your arms around the changing landscape and how to better understand the forces at work and the pace of disruption. We can even help you re-assess how to attack your toughest resource challenges and how to stay on top of new certifications.  

Vision and Trends

Conquer Your Business Transformation

We recently had our annual Planview Horizons Customer Conference here in Austin, which is always an inspirational (albeit exhausting) week, and this year was no different. In many ways this year’s conference was one the most rewarding in my history at Planview. Business transformation is topical to every organization these days, and this year the...

Vision and Trends

A New Chapter for Planview

I am so excited to share with you today the new visual identity for Planview! Since 1989, Planview has been on the forefront of providing award-winning enterprise solutions for managing work and resources. Now, we are entering our next chapter as the premier platform for enabling every organization to seamlessly transform strategy to delivery in...

Innovation Management, Vision and Trends

Digital Transformation and the Changing World of Work – A Blueprint to Innovation [Video]

Digital transformation and reinvention are lofty goals for any organization in this constantly changing world of work and resources. Every organization that aspires to rewire and go after new market opportunities has to face the fact that innovation depends upon ideation from within. Transformation is far more than new projects and ideas. You have to...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Vision and Trends

Planview is Leaning into the Changing World of Work with You

When we say it’s time to lean in to the changing world of work, know that, here at Planview, we also practice what we preach. We’re leaning into a new way of work as an organization and helping our customers do the same. This means not just selling solutions and talking about the new way...

Vision and Trends

3 Tips to Improve Your Report Design

Over the years, I’ve talked with many customers about various methods to improve the impact of their data. Oftentimes, organizations are faced with a wealth of data but no way to accurately communicate or visualize that information. They want to analyze and present data in ways that are easily digestible and understandable but are not...

Vision and Trends

Driving Digital Transformation with Work and Resource Management

Digital transformation initiatives fail for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to a misunderstanding of what digital transformation actually is; other times, it’s because of an unwillingness to adapt to an ever-changing professional environment. According to Ventana Research, successful digital transformation requires the highest level of work and resource management to return the greatest...

Enterprise Architecture, Vision and Trends

A Fresh Approach to Maximizing Value of Government IT

One of the specific goals of The Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) is to “promote transparency in existing IT assets and allow better planning, acquisition, and management of software licenses and IT resources.” Essentially, FITARA provides new ways to maximize the value of government IT and, at a basic level, answers the following: What...

Project Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

10 Point Checklist for Better Project Estimates

The following content is based on the whitepaper, “Bigger Than a Breadbox: 10 Tips for Better Project Estimates, Part 2,” written by Jerry Manas. For your reading convenience, we’ve decided to give it everlasting life here on the blog. From all the previous six parts of this series, it should be clear that effective estimation...

Project Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

6 Reasons Why Projects are Late

The following content is based on the whitepaper, “Bigger Than a Breadbox: 10 Tips for Better Project Estimates, Part 2,” written by Jerry Manas. For your reading convenience, we’ve decided to give it everlasting life here on the blog. So far in this series, we’ve examined a number of ways to improve problems with project...

Project Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

Start Viewing Your IT Department as a Strategic Partner to the Organization

The following content is taken from the whitepaper, “Portfolio-Driven Performance: The 7 Process Areas That Drive IT and Business Results,” written by Jerry Manas. To make it more easily accessible to you, we are giving it everlasting life here on the blog. We’ve discussed how portfolio-driven performance improves project delivery, how and why you must...