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Top 10 Innovation Links for the Week of 1.22.16

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Welcome to Planview IdeaPlace’s weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web. Here are 10 new discoveries from this past week.

1. Waze is Driving Into City Hall

Who it’s from: Fast Company

The skinny: In just a few years, Waze has gone from small startup to one of the world’s most popular navigation apps. Read on to find out what we’re learning from Waze about the power of crowdsourcing.

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2. How Can Healthcare Respond to Competitors in 2016?

Who it’s from: Innovation Enterprise

The skinny: Healthcare is transforming. This webinar sheds light on what’s to come for the healthcare industry in 2016, from facing growing demands and competition, to embracing digital innovation.

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3. Why Out of the Box Business Collaboration is the Next Big Thing in Innovation

Who it’s from: Inc.

The skinny: Through unexpected collaborations, companies can use each other’s strengths to bring new innovative ideas to life. Will you take advantage of this in 2016?

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4. Innovation Planning Toolkit

Who it’s from: IIT Institute of Design

The skinny: Get this super useful innovation planning kit from Vijay Kumar, an Associate Professor and consultant with over 24 years of experience in the innovation field.

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5. Reinventing Your Future: How IBM Innovates

Who it’s from: Greg Satell, Innovation Excellence

The skinny: Have you ever wondered how IBM is stays ahead of the innovation curve? In this article, Greg Satell peels back the layers of IBM’s innovation strategy and offers key insights that you can use at your own company.

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6. The Case for ‘Innovation Altruism’ – Europe Leads in Global Impact on Innovation

Who it’s from: The Next Silicon Valley

The skinny: European countries captured eight of the top 10 slots in a new global ranking of how countries’ domestic policies support worldwide innovation. Read this new report to find out who’s doing what, as well as learn more about different countries’ contributions to innovation around the globe.

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7. 8 Practices To Galvanize Innovation In Your Startup

Who it’s from: Forbes

The skinny: These days, even startups aren’t safe from the need to innovate faster and more often in order to stay competitive. This article covers best practices that should be incorporated into an organization’s culture from the very beginning.

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8. 2016 UK CIO priorities: Driving Business Innovation and Leading Change

Who it’s from: CIO Magazine

The skinny: CIO UK and IDG UK spoke to 181 CIOs to find out how they’re planning to spend their budget in 2016. Here’s what they found.

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9. Getting Innovation to Scale: WAVES

Who it’s from:

The skinny: How is the innovation process similar to riding a wave? Read on to learn all about the WAVES framework and why it matters.

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10. Planview IdeaPlace CEO Scott Raskin Responds to 10 Popular Innovation Questions

Who it’s from: Innovation Enterprise

The skinny: What is idea management (IM) software? What’s changing in the innovation landscape? These questions and more get answered by Planview IdeaPlace’s very own CEO, Scott Raskin.

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