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The Zombie PMO Outbreak [Infographic]

Survival tips for evading the Zombie PMO pitfalls and evolving to become an adaptive PMO

Published By Emmie Anderson

The Zombie PMO Outbreak

Warning! The Zombie-PMO apocalypse is here. Executives are expecting more from PMOs than ever. They must drive digital transformation and fuel growth strategies by delivering complex programs across the organization at speed. But there is one problem…PMOs are finding it very hard to adapt. PMOs can no longer focus on standardization, governance, or control when the business needs agility, flexibility, and innovation.

The result is an outbreak of Zombie PMOs that are simply going through the motions instead of being innovative and fully agile. The never-ending cycle of projects is draining the life out of them and making them much less valuable to the business.

These Zombie PMOs are in danger of being replaced by newer methodologies and people who are able to work at hyper-speed. The ability to translate strategy into measurable goals will set PMOs apart from the undead hoard. Are you able to escape this epidemic? Consider a few of these questions to determine your PMO status:

  • Does your PMO have a maniacal focus on standards and processes?
  • Does your leadership avoid you like the plague for anything but the most administrative of project tasks?
  • Do you use schedules and status as the means of communicating value to the business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a look at the infographic below to learn more about the types of Zombie PMOs and the symptoms they possess. To avoid more suffering from these afflictions, the infographic also includes three ways to reanimate the Zombie PMO. To learn more about how Planview’s portfolio and resource management solution can help, be sure to register for the full webinar, “From Z-PMO to A-PMO: Cure the Zombie Affliction.”

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Written by Emmie Anderson

Emmie Anderson is the corporate marketing intern at Planview for summer 2019. She is an incoming senior at the University of Texas at Austin in the McCombs School of Business pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Communication Studies. She is passionate and enthusiastic about driving results through marketing and brings a get-it-done attitude to the team.