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Cure Your Zombie PMO

Part 2: Evolve beyond project management standards

Published By Maria Harper
Cure Your Zombie PMO

Breaking news update: as I previously reported in the blog, “Symptoms of the Zombie PMO,” zombification is still proliferating in businesses throughout the world. However, the spread is thankfully slowing down, as people are becoming more aware and educated of the symptoms, and thus taking action sooner. In this updated report, I will expound upon the cures discussed by experts in the on-demand webinar, “Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Zombie PMO.”

Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Zombie PMO

Let’s quickly review the possible symptoms of zombification:

  • Ignoring differences in work methods;
  • Appearing to be alive, while merely going through the motions;
  • Maintaining the same standards to the point of rigidity;
  • Upholding a flimsy definition of value; and
  • Failing to recognize variety in projects and programs.

It is now more imperative than ever to be able to self-diagnose your PMO. Review my previous blog for more details on the symptoms, then take action by following the cures listed below.

Become more adaptive by embracing diverse work styles.

Work today encompasses many differing styles, such as waterfall, agile, lean, collaborative, etc. But don’t let this get overwhelming; start by taking a step back and focusing on customer value. Determine which process is best suited for each individual project to deliver maximum value, and create a flexible approach to scheduling.

Align work to company goals and portfolio categories.

Turn your PMO into an enlightened liaison. This means the PMO must become more of a guiding, rather than governing, force. Do so by focusing on accountability and measurement after project completion, and weight surface levels of investment against priorities.

Evolve beyond project management standards and consistency.

This means placing value at the forefront. Do so by balancing the priorities of the PMO and monitoring measurable value objectives. Also, understand the difference between outputs and outcomes—discussed further in the webinar.Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Zombie PMO

The value of PPM is changing, requiring the PMO to operate faster and bring more value to the business. With today’s speed of innovation and technological advancement, your PMO can easily slip into “zombie-dom” if the above cures are not preventatively administered. I encourage you to register for the on-demand webinar, “Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Zombie PMO,” to learn more on how to evolve beyond project management standards and consistency, and keep your PMO from becoming another statistic in the current zombie count.


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Written by Maria Harper Manager, Demand Generation

Maria Harper is a demand generation specialist at Planview focusing on PPM solutions and French and German marketing. She is passionate about data-driven marketing and enjoys applying analytical insights to creative messaging in order maximize marketing potential. She graduated from the University of Missouri with bachelor degrees in German and Journalism.