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What’s New in Tasktop Integration Hub 18.2

Published By Naomi Lurie
What’s New in Tasktop Integration Hub 18.2

Tasktop Integration Hub 18.2 is available today, introducing a brand new metrics dashboard, support for ALM project domain changes, support for additional operational databases, and increased versatility in container support (hierarchical structures).

See What’s Flowing with the New Integration Metrics Dashboard

Tasktop has a brand new dashboard where you can see the volumes of artifacts created and updated by your integrations over time. The dashboard illustrates the value of integration to your organization, while also providing a window into interesting trends and patterns in your integration activity.

The new Metrics Dashboard helps you understand just how much data Tasktop is synchronizing over the last 30 days. A graph displays the total number of artifacts created by Tasktop and the number of artifact updates in that time period.

Customers with the Ultimate and Enterprise licenses can filter the dashboard by repository and integration and apply additional time frames. They can also view a tables that display cumulative information on all activity, sliced by repository and integration.

Easily Accommodate ALM Domain Changes

Organizations using Micro Focus (HPE) ALM may periodically need to change a project’s domain. With version 18.2, Tasktop Integration Hub will alert and prompt you to update your collections when a project’s domain name has changed. Admins can easily point the collection at the renamed projects, and the integration will resume seamlessly.

Replace Invalid Projects in your Collection

Premium Content for Tasktop Users

If you’re a current Tasktop user, you know we have premium content just for you. That includes our full connector documentation, all the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, and each versions’ release notes.

Now you can access all that gated content from one centralized site with a single login: 

Premium Content

What Else?

  • Hub’s Gateway integration style  is used to create and update artifacts based on events in your DevOps tools. Version 18.2 adds the ability to create new folders (“containers”) and work items within a folder structure using Gateway. Enterprise Data Stream  can report on containers as well.
  • Version 18.2 adds support for MySQL and PostgreSQL as Tasktop Integration Hub’s operational database.

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Written by Naomi Lurie

Naomi Lurie is VP Product Marketing at Tasktop. She is passionate about making businesses successful through effective customer-centric communication. With over 15 years of B2B product management and marketing experience, she specializes in large enterprises and their digital transformations.