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Six career paths with a degree in project management

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Project management is an increasingly popular field of study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. One reason so many students and professionals are earning a project management degree is that it can open an amazing variety of options for a future career.

Whether you’re an undergraduate student who is just beginning to explore the possibilities, or an experienced professional who wants to increase your earning potential, a project management degree is an excellent way to pursue your goals. Here, we’ll take a look at six possible career paths you might choose to follow once you put in the work and earn your degree.

Career paths in project management.

#1. Software and Technology

The software industry is a well-known breeding ground for new ideas and innovations in project management. While many smaller tech firms still prefer to find their project managers among their experienced developers and engineers, larger companies often hire people who have the right project management skill sets, even if they lack a background in programming.

#2. Construction

If you have experience in the technical aspects of construction or construction management, a project management certification or degree can pave the way for you to take on larger responsibilities. The precise timing and attention to detail required for large-scale construction projects means that there is always a need for new project managers.

#3. Marketing

As is the case in construction (and many other fields), marketing is an industry that generally requires subject matter expertise as well as project management knowledge. Rather than looking for a marketing project management position when you’re fresh out of college, you may have an easier time starting in another area of the marketing world and picking up a second degree in project management when you are ready to take on a role in project management.

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#4. Consulting

If you want to jump into a project management career as soon as possible, the consulting industry may be a good place to start. Management consulting firms are among the most popular destinations for recent college grads with project management degrees. If this is a career path that appeals to you, do your research to determine which consulting firms cater to the industries you find interesting.

#5. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry was one of the first to implement formal project management, and the field continues to be a popular choice for aspiring project managers today. Experience in industrial design or engineering can improve your chances of finding a PM position in this industry.

#6. Operations

As enterprise organizations continue to place more emphasis on project management, many large companies are expanding their operations teams by hiring enterprise project management experts. Operations management is a viable career path for new graduates as well as for experienced professionals who are looking to change course.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork