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Reinventing the Strategy and Business of IT

Published By Patrick Tickle
Reinventing the Strategy and Business of IT

Today’s IT organizations encompass a wide range of functions spanning traditional IT operations, infrastructure, application development, security – the classic IT functions that we all know. These functions are almost always complemented by several important organizations that are chartered with strategic and business management – the PMO, a technology team, often enterprise architects, and even IT finance.

Every part of IT plays an important and critical role in making IT the most effective organization it can be, but the PMO and Enterprise Architecture teams are unique. They may not be the largest groups in today’s IT organization, but they are both critical to maximizing the resources, portfolios, and work of an IT organization. The PMO is optimizing project and resource portfolios to ensure IT investments are most effectively used to serve the needs of the enterprise. In parallel, the Enterprise Architecture team is chartered with the responsibility of making sure the technologies and architectures supporting the goals of the business are calibrated for short-term objectives as well as long-term viability.

Although the PMO and EA have been strategic levers in IT, they have typically operated as stove pipes. This is a lost opportunity. Every IT organization can benefit from these two strategic functions operating in a coordinated manner. In bringing together Planview Enterprise and Troux, Planview sees a great opportunity to help bring these two organizations together to enable improved decision making.

I can also pass along that although it has been only a few weeks since we announced coming together with Troux, the feedback from industry analysts, and especially customers, has been extremely positive about the potential of this opportunity. The energy around this conversation is very exciting. If we can help customers create one true IT portfolio that embodies resources optimized not just for work and people, but also capabilities, technologies and risk, that portfolio will enable IT to achieve a new level of performance and maximize strategic and business impact.

Reinventing the Strategy and Business of IT is about the next phase of IT integrated portfolio management. It’s about bringing together two of the most strategic teams in any IT organization, EA and the PMO, to work in concert and optimize a broad range of portfolios, resources, and work in a way unlike ever before. As a company, Planview now serves the largest combined customer base of leading PMOs and EAs in the industry. We are very excited about the potential for this next chapter of portfolio management.

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Written by Patrick Tickle Chief Products Officer

Patrick Tickle is responsible for the company’s Products organization and leads the Planview team that continues to deliver the most innovative portfolio management solutions to the marketplace. Patrick brings over 20 years of experience in product management, product development, and marketing across a wide range of technology solutions. Prior to joining Planview, Patrick served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management of ITM Software where he executed category development and product definition. He has also held a variety of product management and marketing positions at Terraspring, Inc. (an enterprise software company acquired by Sun Microsystems), MIPS, and Silicon Graphics. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of North Carolina.