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Recent Enhancements to Planview AgilePlace

Published By Katie St. Francis

Enhancements have been rolling in over the past few months. Here’s a rundown of some of the latest features, including:

  • Mass card updates
  • Auto-subscribe settings
  • Quick card adds
  • Mobile app improvements

Update Multiple Cards at Once

The new multi-select option (Ctrl/Cmd + click) allows you to update multiple cards on a board at once. Remove cards that are no longer needed, or make mass card updates to assigned users, subscription details, tags, card type, and priority. You can also move multiple cards between boards to transition work between teams or projects.

You still have the option to use the lane header menu to update all of the cards in a given lane. This is useful for updating card details or progressing work through the lanes, e.g., moving completed work into the archive.

Multi-select cards for mass updates

Subscription Management

Available at both the organizational and user levels, subscription management allows you to continue to be part of card communications for any card(s) that you’re assigned to or @mentioned in — new comments and status updates included. Changing subscription settings at the organizational level applies the default to all Planview AgilePlace users within the organization. At the user level, individuals have the option to override the organization level setting depending on their personal communication preference.

Please note: All new accounts are automatically opted into auto-subscribe. In the event your account was created prior to this feature enhancement, we recommend checking your auto-subscribe settings to ensure they reflect your preference.

Organization-level account details setting for auto-subscribe
Individual user settings for auto-subscribe are found under the board Settings menu.

Quick Card Add

The Add Card icon in the top bar lets you add new cards to your board with a single click. Click the Add Card icon, enter a title, select the card type and choose Save & Add More to add more cards or Edit Card Details to open the card you created. All new cards save automatically  to your designated default drop lane.

Quick card add is also available in the lane header menu for any board or taskboard.

Quick Card Add for making fast notes

Add Cards via Email

Did you know you can also add new cards via email to your board(s)? Simply send an email to your board’s email address (found in your default drop lane information window). The subject line becomes the card title, and any other information is included in the card description. Please note: You must have access to a board before you can add cards via email to a board.

Find a board’s email address in the information window of the board’s default drop lane.
Send an email to your board’s email address to create new cards.

Manage Card ID Settings

Enhanced card ID settings give you the option of maintaining an internal Planview AgilePlace card ID (i.e., a permanent Planview AgilePlace ID or auto-incremented ID) and/or an external system ID to help reference details related to other systems.

Available in our Portfolio edition, card ID is an additional field available to show/hide inside a card and is often used as a way to track an external system ID, e.g., support ticket number. Card ID can be updated manually or via system integrations to link Planview AgilePlace cards to a source system.

Card ID functionality, available in our Portfolio Edition

Identify Card Owners with Multiple Avatar Options

We’ve made it easier than ever to see who’s working on what in Planview AgilePlace. Choose between these three avatar options to instantly identify card ownership:

  • Upload your own images directly to your Planview AgilePlace user settings.
  • Use an auto-generated monogram of your first and last name.
  • Use a Gravatar image.

Pull Cards into your Personal Calendar App

Set up a feed so that all of your Planview AgilePlace tasks with start and/or end dates appear in your personal calendar (e.g., the calendar app on your mobile device). It’s simple to set up and helps you stay on top of deadlines.

Stay on top of card start/finish dates in your personal calendar app.

Get Mobile with App Enhancements

Improvements to our iOS and Android apps include taskboards, drill-through boards and card attachment functionality. These enhancements, along with the ability to move cards between boards from your mobile device, make it easier to manage your work and keep team members up to speed, wherever they are.

Access and update both taskboard and drill-through board details on mobile devices.


  • View a card’s taskboard
  • Create, edit, and delete cards on a taskboard
  • Move cards in and out of a taskboard

Drill-Through Boards

  • View a card’s parent or child drill-through board
  • Edit a card’s child drill-through relationships
  • Edit a parent card

Card Attachments

  • Add images and videos from within a card
  • Send files to Planview AgilePlace from other apps, such as Dropbox, Mail, or AirDrop

Learn About the Latest Enhancements

To ensure that you’re up to speed on the most recent Planview AgilePlace enhancements, keep an eye out for the monthly Planview AgilePlace Newsletter. Additionally, our Quarterly Product Webinars provide insight into what’s been released and what’s ahead. The next Product Webinar is on July 23, available at either 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. ET.

Share your thoughts below. Let us know what recent improvements are helping you and your team the most!

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Written by Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why."