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Save clicks and reduce errors with single sign-on

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Single sign-on for ProjectPlace is a new and really convenient feature which liberates users from having to remember yet another username and password to log on to the ProjectPlace service. Basically, it is a user authentication process that permits a user to enter name and password once, which then allows access to multiple applications.

“Cloud security and extended enterprises would benefit from more portable and reusable identity data; single sign-on is a key part of the solution, and brokered connection patterns enable SSO where it counts — at the margin of business viability.” suggests a recent Forrester Research report by Eve Maler.

The main benefit is of course that without added distractors, users can focus directly on the job at hand. It saves clicks, saves time and reduces human errors. Single sign-on for ProjectPlace is an additional module to the Projectplace Enterprise offering, and can be implemented in just a week or two.

In addition to its native SAML support, ProjectPlace now also integrates with leading cloud single sign-on providers OneLogin, Ping Identity, Okta and more. Using a cloud identity management provider, organisations are able to simplify the integration process and benefit from many additional security and management features. Two factor authentication is one of those benefits which we now support via our SSO partners.

Best of all, single sign on for your Projectplace Enterprise account can be implemented in just a few days. For more information and contact details, take a look at our single sign-on flyer or request detailed implementation guidelines from your account representative.

Learn more about our single sign-on features.

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