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Using Real-Time Tracking to Boost Productivity

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

The Very Real Benefits of Real-Time Tracking

In today’s fast-paced business environment, information is more ephemeral than ever. In terms of efficiency and development, the concepts of speed and information are crucial. Consequently, appropriately monitoring these conditions necessitates the implementation of real time tracking. Monitoring productivity in real time helps negate counterproductive factors stemming not only from human error, but also from email and spreadsheet applications that are inherently limiting to real-time information capture. The following article will explore some of the benefits of time tracking.

Efficient Task Management

Large enterprises have a plethora of movable pieces working in tandem on different tasks oriented towards a common goal. These tasks can be designated according to different temporal measurements, including hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, annually and so on. Implementing real-time tracking software can greatly simplify task and project management by recording exactly how much time an employee or team spends on a particular project, designating which tasks are most important and even providing the necessary information concerning how to delegate those tasks to particular employees or teams. All of these features and more are available via Clarizen’s powerful real-time tracking tools, which can be customized and configured across an array of platforms as designated by individual business needs.

Cost Management

What better way to cut costs and reduce budgetary issues than through a quantitative, real-time measurement of the company’s workflow? This insight can be achieved through the simple implementation and benefits of time tracking. Doing so will enable the identification of inefficiencies and problems, making it easier to implement a solution and reduce costs.

Employee Focus

Believe it or not, tracking an employee’s time is actually a huge motivator. Implementing a time tracker orients an employee towards their daily goals and lets them compartmentalize their time in order to achieve maximum output. This will also teach them more efficient time management skills, which is of great benefit to both them and the business. Should an employee fall behind or neglect particular tasks, real-time tracking can help them to evaluate how to use their time more wisely. Additionally, a time tracker enables management to keep an eye out for projects that fall behind schedule, allowing them to assign more employees to the project or add additional time. However, it is crucial to inform your employees why you are tracking them before implementing real-time tracking in order to maintain positive moral.


One of the benefits of real-time tracking systems is that they can also build timesheets that can assist with payroll tasks. This ensures that every employee is paid correctly, regardless of whether they missed a time punch. This also means that employees can work at different intervals without having to be monitored, resulting in maximum productivity for both management and team members.

Optimal Workflow

Implementing real-time tracking is a great way to foster an understanding of how the business is performing and what real-time factors are contributing to that performance. It gives owners and upper-management an overview of where each team member is allocating their time and effort. This allows owners and managers to designate projects and assignments in a way that is beneficial to their team members and maximizes daily productivity.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork