Maximizing Your PMO’s Value Starts with a Mindset Shift

Elevate your Project Management Office (PMO) to become one of the most effective strategic partners in your organization. You have big plans for the new year. But how do you turn those plans into business outcomes while navigating the unexpected? It all starts with a mindset shift. Adopting a sponsor’s mindset enables the PMO to...

Listening, Learning and Leading: Digital Transformation Expert Debra Aizikovitz

Planview’s platform is designed to empower its customers for success in their digital transformation efforts. However, achieving success in any digital transformation initiative necessitates the alignment of people, methodology, and governance. Clients seeking assistance in ensuring their organizations are well-prepared for success can turn to Planview’s Evolve Advisory Services. This dedicated team of consultants leverages...

Maximize Revenue with Connected, as-a-Service Offerings

Organizations are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, even during the best market conditions. When faced with economic pressure, there’s an even greater need for these companies to capitalize on opportunities that enable them to maximize revenue. This is one of the reasons why an increasing number of organizations are...

Trends in AI: Should You View Data as a Product?

A panel of industry experts from Shutterstock, Nara Logics, Constellation Research, and Planview discuss the benefits of using internal data as a product, and the importance of ethical data sourcing.

Redefining Roadmapping with Planview CPO Louise Allen

We’re excited to share the backstory behind Planview Roadmaps, one of the newest enhancements we’ve built into the Planview Platform. This new era of roadmapping transfers the usefulness of having a visual representation of a plan from product managers to anyone in your organization.

Building Together: Introducing the Planview Customer Community

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the brand-new Planview Customer Community, designed to increase collaboration, connection, and meaningful discussion between you and other Planview customers. The Planview Customer Community launches today to Planview AdaptiveWork customers, with plans to welcome customers using other Planview products in the future.