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Teamwork and Triumph: A Revenue Enablement Journey with Ash Gardea

Published By Ryan Walton
Teamwork and Triumph: A Revenue Enablement Journey with Ash Gardea

In this engaging interview with Ash Gardea, a dedicated Revenue Enablement Specialist at Planview, we explore her dynamic career journey and how she exemplifies “We Build Together,” one of Planview’s core values.

From her roots in coaching soccer to her thriving role in software sales and enablement, Ash shows the power of collaboration, mentorship, and shared learning experiences within the organization.

She shares invaluable insights into prioritizing tasks for revenue growth and embracing the gradual process of career development, all while fostering a supportive work environment that aligns with Planview’s culture.

Through her passion for helping others succeed and her commitment to building strong relationships, both professionally and personally, Ash epitomizes the spirit of unity and teamwork that defines Planview’s culture.

Explain your role as a Revenue Enablement Specialist and a few of your responsibilities.

As a Revenue Enablement Specialist at Planview, I collaborate with different departments of the organization, including Marketing and Sales, to create and drive internal enablement around company priorities.

Some of my responsibilities include administering our Learning Management System (LMS), SalesHood, leading projects around comprehensive enablement for internal deliverables, and partnering with sales managers to create “ramping paths” for our new hires.

Tell us about your career journey to date.

My career journey is unique. I played and coached all levels of soccer for several years.

In both undergrad and graduate school, I studied kinesiology at Fresno State with an emphasis on sport and exercise psychology. I took a lot of classes on the mental side of sport, focused specifically on how to be an effective coach. I learned, researched, and applied my studies around Psychobiology.

This helped me gain knowledge about the human brain, and how to work with different personalities. Effective coaches tailor their actions and responses to each individual’s mindset.

I loved coaching soccer, but it was emotionally and physically exhausting and left no free time in my schedule. I realized I was burned out on coaching soccer, but I like the fast pace and being busy.

A friend recommended going into sales. I continued coaching on the side for a while, but transferred my skills and began working as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) for a software company. Eventually, I fell in love with software sales.

After about two years working as an SDR, I was promoted to SDR Manager. This is where my passion for sales coaching and enablement began.

I quickly realized that the most successful sales representatives are developed from a strong onboarding process and ongoing sales coaching. I’ve been able to use my skills of coaching and working with all different types of personalities to coach salespeople. I’ve been in enablement for three years and could not be happier!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as you’ve moved up in your career?

One important lesson I’ve learned in enablement is to focus your priorities on what will make the biggest impact on revenue growth. We get asked to do a lot of things and often have to prioritize tasks. When we get these inquiries, I focus on what’s going to drive pipeline growth and revenue growth, because that’s what’s most important to the company.

The second important lesson I’ve learned is that building your career is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time to learn and grow, and sometimes I think, “I should have already known that.’” Sometimes I don’t give myself enough grace. I wish someone would have told me that it takes time to develop, and you can just go one step at a time.

Are there any experiences in your life that you feel contributed to your professional success?

I strongly believe my athletic and team sport experience and education have gotten me to where I am today. Without soccer, I would not have had an interest in coaching, and without coaching, I would not have been interested in enablement.

What type of meetings do you prepare for? Who do you typically collaborate with?

Typically, my meetings include collaboration with managers to ensure that we have an effective and relevant learning path for new hires. Also, I have meetings focused on developing enablement to move forward new processes and strategic priorities. Finally, I collaborate with Product Marketing to develop methods to enable and share marketing assets with people in our Sales organization to leverage in their sales cycles.

What makes your team so effective?

I believe our team is effective because we have a great leader! I feel very lucky to have an amazing mentor that ensures we focus on the right priorities. Our team is also effective because we are extremely collaborative cross functionally, detail oriented, and move fast to assign effective enablement when necessary.

Tell us about working from home – what are your tips for success?

I love working from home. I am the type of person who gets distracted easily, so working from home allows me to put my head down and really focus on my work. One tip is to make sure your work-at-home space is separate from your living space. When I step into my office, I am in work mode, and when I step out, it allows me to decompress and re-focus.

How do you manage your work/life balance?

It is important to organize your days and weeks to ensure things get done, but to also fit in time for yourself. I carve out some work blocks on my calendar when necessary and do my best to find a way to step away from my office to get some exercise and socialize.  

What motivates you while working?  

I am mostly motivated by helping others. I truly enjoy being a trustworthy and accountable person that someone can come to for help. Seeing others succeed and knowing that I contributed to their success brings a smile to my face!   

How is Planview different from other companies you’ve worked for?  

Planview is a company made up of several individuals who have years of experience, and I think that gives us an advantage. It’s not only an advantage of knowing and experiencing the market, but also being able to share those learnings and experiences with individuals like me who are just getting their feet wet in their careers.

I have never been part of a team where I’ve had an opportunity to learn from others who are so open to help, and because of that, I trust that I can go to them for advice.   

Planview has a set of five core values. Is there one that really speaks to your experience?  

My favorite Planview core value is “We Build Together.” I experience this every day in my role within my team and cross functionally. Without collaboration, the enablement team would not be able to continuously innovate creatively. This core value also exemplifies having each other’s backs. Knowing that my team and others support me when things do not go as planned brings a sense of confidence and reassurance. 

For fun, how do you unwind when you are off the clock?  

When I’m off the clock, I find tranquility being out in nature, whether that is driving to the ocean or camping and hiking in the mountains. I enjoy yoga, Pilates, and bike rides. I love cooking for others, and often host dinner parties for my family and friends. Also, I love a good read, and I’m in a book club. 

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Written by Ryan Walton

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