Eliminate the Disconnects that Undermine Your PMO’s Value

We talked about how the PMO can be one of your organization’s greatest strategic value drivers. But how do you ensure your PMO is actually equipped and capable of achieving your desired business outcomes? In this post, we will discuss how you can get the most value from your PMO. And it starts with understanding...

4 Questions Worth Asking on International Women’s Day

Uncovering the role that an individual can play in a global movement starts with curiosity. What can one person do to make a difference? The questions in this blog post offer a place to begin. How you answer them today, on International Women's Day, can shape how you might answer them every day. And those everyday actions are what is going to change the world.

Navigating Technical Debt in the Automotive Industry

Amidst the relentless waves of innovation and competition, OEMs, suppliers, and manufacturers in the automotive industry navigate a sea of challenges and opportunities. Technical debt, the accrued cost of code awaiting updates, is a significant obstacle. According to McKinsey, this “tax” on development comprises about 40 percent of IT balance sheets, stemming from the intense...

The Future is Human. The Decisive Key is YOU.

Transformation comes fast and frequently, spurred forward by humanity’s endless capacity to discover and leverage digital innovations. How to respond to the changes those technologies precipitate is a constant theme of discussion across boardrooms and virtual meeting spaces. But when thinking about transformation and how much of it relies on immersion into an increasingly digital...

The Missing Puzzle Piece: How to Connect Planning to Delivery

This blog post examines how to efficiently turn strategies into actions, highlighting Value Stream Management (VSM) as a critical method to streamline work from conception to delivery, ensuring strategies get executed effectively.