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What’s New in October?

Published By Natalie Vandenberg
What’s New in October?

Happy October! This month, we’re pleased to announce a new plug-and-play connector for our Value Stream Management solution — Aha!, new portfolio or group-level insights into outliers and dependencies, and new configuration options for advanced cross-tool synchronization. 

Your Aha! (Connector) Moment 

Shift your value stream left and capture all the activities that happen during the Ideate stage. Aha! is a cloud-based solution for managing product development and aligning teams around a strategic roadmap. With Aha, product managers can link work to strategic goals and initiatives, create visual roadmaps, and manage agile development. 

If your organization uses Aha!, you can now measure and analyze flow for Aha! Ideas and Features with Planview® Planview Viz*, as well as automate rich, bi-directional synchronization with more than 60+ tools with Planview® Planview Hub.

As the newest addition to our Flow Fabric™, the Aha! connector is vigorously tested, easy to set up and scale using models, and easy to maintain and monitor, unlike point-to-point integrations or plug-ins.  

Here’s an example scenario of how artifacts from Aha! Can flow to AgilePlace and Jira:

*Aha! will be supported in Planview Viz on November 1st, 2022.

Speed Up Delivery with Time-to-Market Insights 

Portfolio Insights are IT, group, and portfolio-level dashboards in Planview® Planview Viz that help executives and leaders identify systemic issues, drive improvements, and sustain transformation momentum. 

The newest addition includes Time-to-Market Insights, which shine a light on the ways cross-value stream dependencies and constraints are impacting value delivery to customers. Given there are often dependencies within a portfolio or best practices you want to adhere to throughout the portfolio, a view into outliers is very important. 

The Time-to-Market Insight highlights products and Flow Items whose Flow Times deviatesignificantly from standard values, suggesting potential risks delaying time-to-value. This visibility helps leaders identify and address outliers — by shifting resources or budgets to slower-moving value streams and replicating best practices from those moving fastest. 

As with every insight, you can drill in for more details and from there, into the individual dashboards for more context. 

For more details, check out our documentation.

Integration Configuration: New Merge and Split Options 

You can now configure advanced field mapping use cases in Planview Hub with point-and-click ease, forgoing some popular extensions. 

When configuring a Collection’s field mapping to the model, we’ve added two new transform options: 

  • Map multiple string or rich text fields into one string field, with the Concatenate transformation. When mapping multiple fields in the source repository to a single field in the target repository, this transformation allows you to combine them in your desired order and use your choice of source field text and static text. For example, you can use delimiters to create paths or add headings to identify text from different source fields.
  • Split one field into multiple fields, with the Extract Path Segment transformation. Split a long field separated by a delimiter (for example, a path) into multiple fields and drop any appended text if needed. 

ICYMI: New Platform for Contacting Our Technical Support

In November,  we will be introducing you to a new platform to contact Tasktop technical support. In our continuing effort to provide a world-class Customer Care experience, we will be transitioning Tasktop’s current support application and product news content to the Planview Customer Success Center. 

With the update, you will be able to easily engage Tasktop and other Planview products via a streamlined case submission process and have open access to Tasktop’s product documentation. All the same channels to access Customer Care today will still be available, including a webform and email.  

A FAQ with additional information and exact dates will be provided prior to the go-live in November 2022. Thank you for your patience as we work to bring you an improved Customer Care experience. 

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Written by Natalie Vandenberg Product Marketing Intern

Natalie is the Product Marketing Intern for Planview's VSM team. She has a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of British Columbia and is looking forward to continuing to strengthen her skills in analysis, communication, and project management.