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Enterprise Agile Planning

Planview’s Enterprise Agile Planning solution provides organizations with a way to plan, coordinate, and manage how they deliver the highest priority initiatives across the enterprise. Apply Lean-Agile principles to pivot planning, funding, and capacity to the best business opportunities. Visualize value as it flows from the portfolio down to the delivery of work across the teams. Track investments against outcomes to make sure your organization is on track and delivering the value your customers demand.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Ceremonies Promote Collaboration Across Agile Teams

In a previous blog, “Agile Release Trains are Key to Scaling Output,” I reviewed how Agile release trains (made up of multiple Agile teams) are the key to Agile at scale. Building successful teams is a good first step, but alignment across teams doesn’t just happen—it takes an ongoing commitment from Agile leaders. Agile ceremonies...

Enterprise Agile Planning

SAFe® 5.0 Available Now

The latest version of Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) 5.0 expands the framework beyond business operations to embrace business agility. “Business agility happens when the entire organization – business and tech leaders, compliance, development, finance, legal, marketing, operations, sales, security, support – uses Lean and Agile practices to continually and proactively deliver innovative business solutions faster...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Project Portfolio Management

Enterprise Agility in Financial Services

We facilitated a roundtable discussion of our customers at the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference where enterprise agility in financial services organizations was discussed. We learned more about some of the biggest struggles financial institutions face with a focus on capacity planning, funding models, and digital transformation. The topic discussed for most of the roundtable...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Agile Release Trains are Key to Scaling Outcomes

The software industry developed Agile methods decades ago to help it deliver code updates on a timely basis. Over the years, Agile has been adopted elsewhere in the enterprise since many areas in business require continual updates delivered on a routine, predictable basis. Agile typically starts with small teams focused on contributing parts to a...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Why Enterprises Are Failing: A Look Inside Trends Affecting the S&P 500

By 2027, according to research by Innosight, the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is expected to be just 12 years, exactly half of what it was only a few years ago (24 years in 2016). This shrinking lifespan is caused by a number of factors—record private equity activity, a robust M&A market, and...

Enterprise Agile Planning

18 Practices for Organizational Agility

Researchers at McKinsey&Company have found that in order to achieve organizational agility (in order to be agile)—which the firm defines as “…the ability to quickly reconfigure strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and value-protecting opportunities”—organizations need to have an appropriate balance of dynamism and stability. Dynamic practices are those we often think of...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Why Lean-Agile Culture Shifts Fail

It’s difficult to ignore the significant changes that are happening in and to the world’s largest companies. According to a recent report by Innosight, at the current churn rate, about half of today’s S&P 500 firms will be replaced over the next 10 years. Meaning, we are sitting squarely in a period of heightened volatility...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Potential Pitfalls in Your Lean-Agile Culture Shift: Tips for Leaders

The role of leadership in a Lean-Agile transformation certainly isn’t easy. While most enterprise leaders are likely familiar with the basic concepts of Lean and Agile, practicing them is another thing entirely. Leaders are often tasked with learning Lean-Agile practices while actively demonstrating them for everyone in the organization. The pressure is on for leadership...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Scaling Agile with Kanban

Scaling Agile helps organizations change the way they plan and deliver value to the customer. It allows them to shift to market changes more rapidly and ultimately helps to prime the organization for embracing new ways of working. All of these benefits can help to increase the self-sufficiency of teams across the organization while increasing...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Shift Happens – 5 Key Takeaways from the 2019 Global SAFe® Summit

Last week, I attended the 2019 Global SAFe® Summit with my Planview family. We (Planview) got to reveal our new brand identity one day into the event, an unveiling that was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. Going into the conference with this excitement, I also carried the perspective and outlook of both a Value...