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Improve your defect reporting and resolution process and MTTR by integrating Micro Focus ALM, Jira and ServiceNow

Published By Patrick Anderson
Improve your defect reporting and resolution process and MTTR by integrating Micro Focus ALM, Jira and ServiceNow

The importance of developer-tester collaboration is one of the most common integration patterns for a reason. It makes sense that you’d want the specialists who write the code to work in harmony with the specialists who test the code to optimize the defect reporting and resolution process by:

  • reducing defects
  • improving Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
  • enhancing product quality
  • obtaining end-to-end visibility and traceability

That’s why many of our customers connect their Agile planning tools (such as Jira) with their test management tools (such as Micro Focus ALM (formerly HPE ALM)). By flowing defects automatically between the two tools, they remove the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual handoffs to help optimize the speed and accuracy of their tests.

Yet there’s another vital step in the defect resolution process that is often overlooked – the customer. Product issues in the field generally originate from the end user and are flagged to the business via your IT service teams, who are work in ITSM tools such as ServiceNow.

Naturally, there’s a lot of focus on the developer-tester dynamic within the first round of production to reduce the chances of going live with too many bugs. But in the Agile+DevOps world of getting urgent features in production and in the customer feedback loop ASAP, there’s always going to be issues when applications go live. It’s nature of the beast.

If anything, logging and swiftly responding to customer feedback is just as important as it both ensures minimal product downtime and demonstrates a commitment to the customer to ensure their product is of high quality and delivering the value expected. That’s why connecting your service teams to the development and test/QA teams is a crucial step in improving your defect reporting and resolution process and optimizing your software delivery value stream.

Value Stream Integration creates a visible, traceable record of all work activities that help you glean useful metrics around how the long process is taking, how long work sat in a work station queue, how long it was worked and so on – all information that can be measured for process optimization.

In the below video, you can how easy and valuable connecting Jira, Micro Focus ALM and ServiceNow can be to your software delivery performance:

Value Stream Integration and Quality Management

In many organizations, it’s up to the testing and QA teams to declare whether an application is ready to ship and deliver value to customer. In order to make that critical decision, they need real-time information from across the toolchain to access the health of a product. Value Stream Integration helps flow that critical information across tools to improve Quality Management. Check out the white paper below to learn more:

Click on image to download.

Further improve your product quality by integrating Micro Focus ALM and Tricentis Tosca

The majority of organizations must contend with the daily challenge of managing a complicated suite of automated and manual tests. They know that both forms of software testing offer their own advantages and disadvantages, and that by integrating the two – through tools such as Tricentis Tosca and Micro Focus ALM (formerly HPE ALM) – they can improve the overall speed and quality of their enterprise software products. Read on.

Want a more personal touch? Request a highly-customized demo of how Tasktop can help you connect your end-to-end value stream to help you to measure, improve and optimize your enterprise software delivery.

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Written by Patrick Anderson

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