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Happy New Year! A Compilation of the Top Blogs of 2017

Published By Leyna O’Quinn
Happy New Year! A Compilation of the Top Blogs of 2017

How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions? Do you have some of your own, and do you stick to them? Many chose to forgo the tradition of making resolutions for one of two reasons: 1) they’re simply too easy to break, or 2) life is already pretty great. Those who feel the latter adopt a mindset of personal growth—a growth that builds on the previous year rather than creating an entirely new set of goals. Here at Planview, we’re ringing in the New Year by doing just that.

While the blank slate for 2018 holds endless possibilities for exciting, new content, we don’t want to forget the blogs that really shined in 2017. It was a year of big announcements, like Planview and Planview AgilePlace coming together, nostalgic events, such as the 20th anniversary of the Planview Horizons Customer Conference, and countless tips on improving work and resource management.

To commemorate 2017, we have compiled a list of the top 10 blogs of 2017. Take some time to read through them—you might learn something you didn’t know before.

  1. Planview and Planview AgilePlace Come Together, Extending WRM into Lean-Agile – “The first reaction is an almost instantaneous validation that Planview + Planview AgilePlace just makes sense.”
  2. Stop Working on Projects That Are Not Priority – “Poor project sponsorship or management is often cited as the number one reason a project fails.”
  3. 451 Analysts: Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management Should Be Inextricably Linked – “Unified portfolio management results in one strategic plan that drives transformation programs and enables EAs and PMOs to prioritize decisions across technology, work, and resources.”
  4. Planview Showcases ProjectPlace Workspaces at SXSW in Austin – Get Sh!t Done – “In Projectplace, Workspaces are designed to provide an overview of all your work and tasks assigned across all project work.”
  5. The World of Work Today: Structured Versus Unstructured Work – “Like an iceberg, formal projects driven by milestones and dates sit above the waterline…however, there’s a whole lot going on below the waterline in the world of unstructured work.”
  6. It’s Official! Gartner Takes on Product Portfolio Management and Product Lifecycle Management Convergence – “‘Manufacturing CIOs must invest in product portfolio management to provide decision makers with a structured, objective process for defining and adhering to corporate strategies and supporting programs.’”
  7. Customers Honored at the Planview Horizons Customer Conference – “Each of the winners leveraged Planview solutions to reduce time-to-market, build intelligent products for a global marketplace, support key functions in IT organizations, and achieve strategic goals across the enterprise.”
  8. Introducing Planview Enterprise 14 – “The enhancements in Planview Enterprise 14 streamline daily tasks for project managers, making it easier for them to staff and manage the resources required to deliver their projects.”
  9. Celebrating 20 Years of the Planview Customer Conference – “Customers always remark how [the Planview Customer Conference] feels like a family reunion.”

Clearly, the bar has been set high for 2018, but we look forward to everything that’s to come and will continue to deliver the quality content akin to this list. We’re not moving on from 2017, but rather building on yet another great year.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your favorite post from the “best of” 2017 list by leaving a comment below.

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Written by Leyna O’Quinn Sr. Content Strategist

Leyna O’Quinn is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified SAFe Agilist. She has been managing the Planview blog strategy for more than 7 years. She writes about portfolio and resource management, Lean and Agile delivery, project collaboration, innovation management, and enterprise architecture. She has more than 15 years of experience writing about technology, industry trends, and best practices. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing.