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The 12 Days of Project Success

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

You may have come across “The 12 Days of Project Misery,” which is the lament of project managers who are forced to use dysfunctional project management software. For them, the season isn’t festive — it’s frustrating.

12 Days of Success

But it doesn’t have to be! Their enterprise can put Planview AdaptiveWork’s award-winning project management software under the tree, and turn the 12 days of misery into the 12 days of success. Here’s what that joyful experience sounds like:

THE 12 DAYS OF PROJECT SUCCESS (sung to the tune of “the 12 days of Christmas”):

In the 12 days after Planview AdaptiveWork,
my new project management software gave to me:
robust planning and control tools,
total portfolio visibility,
in-context collaboration,
impressed and informed sponsors,
real-time project updates!
Engaged and focused team members,
accurate customized reports,
timely timesheets (it’s about time!)
centralized document storage,
seamless system integration,
effective resource utilization,
plenty of reasons to celebrate success!

From our project management family to yours: HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork