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Goodbye Manual User Management, Hello Automated User Provisioning

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Picture this: 10,000 employees and 20 enterprise-wide applications with an average of ten new hires and five exiting employees a week. Now imagine the amount of time someone spends creating, editing, deleting and permissioning all those users and roles across the varying applications they use — ever changing with requests growing by the day.

If that sounds like your life on a daily basis, you must be an account administrator for the tools and applications your company uses. We feel your pain.

We know how taxing the manual work of user management can be. We also know that account admins are a critical component to scaling applications while maintaining efficient and secure operations within our enterprise clients. We’re here to help.

Enterprise account administrators keep the business running, but it comes at a cost. They often find themselves:

  • Spending large amounts of time maintaining users across systems
  • Becoming a bottleneck to business units wanting to adopt new tools
  • Wishing for a faster way to disable users who have left the company

Your company may have invested time and resources into consolidating user management and processes through the use of identity management and change management systems – creating a singular view of all users and modeling of enterprise applications.

To support those efforts, we now offer SCIM 1.1-compliant user provisioning capabilities to our Enterprise edition customers, making it easy for account administrators to scale Planview AgilePlace across the enterprise. By integrating Planview AgilePlace with your existing identity management system, you can remove the challenges associated with the manual management of large numbers of users.


  • set up automated workflows, such as automatically removing Planview AgilePlace licenses when an employee has left the company, or
  • easily perform actions en masse, such as assigning a large number of Planview AgilePlace licenses at a time when a new team joins.
  • adhere to security demands by keeping Planview AgilePlace user permissions up to date, with historical data tracked in audit logs.

Our user provisioning capability seamlessly integrates Planview AgilePlace with existing identity management tools, such as Okta, Ping Identity, and OneLogin, making Planview AgilePlace an easy addition to your enterprise tooling. For heightened flexibility, you also have the option to access our user provisioning API. The API gives you the ability to build your own solution for custom user management needs.

If you’re a Enterprise edition customer, reach out to our support team to let them know you want this feature turned on. Once user provisioning is activated, your account administrator or IT support admin will be able to create a new application integration within the identity management system.

Not a Enterprise edition customer? Contact your Planview AgilePlace account representative to get started with user provisioning or to discuss becoming a Enterprise edition customer for access to this feature.

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