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5 Reasons Why We’re in Love with Effective Work Collaboration

Will you be our Valentine?

Published By Hayley Eubanks

Effective Work Collaboration

Work collaboration isn’t always easy, but when the right people are brought together with the right tools, sparks begin to fly. Suddenly, life is easier, you feel on top of the world, your worries go out the window. But it takes finding the right people and the right tools to reach this point. For some of us that means swiping right and taking a leap of faith, but it also means maybe enduring a few unfortunate first dates before you find your team’s perfect match. Consider the following:

Just because a company puts a team of people together doesn’t mean it will automatically be uber-productive.

Each person is unique and brings their own set of skills to the table. However, considering the fact that people may work in the same office or in entirely different countries, it can be difficult to mesh, especially in the absence of a proper collaborative work management tool. Such a tool is like the friend who calls you with a sudden “emergency” when you’re on a bad date—such a tool saves the day by being easily accessible and helping you prioritize what’s really important.

Now, we could continue explaining why collaborative work management is sexy—because let’s face it, compared to other project management tools, it has the wow factor because literally anyone can use it—but we want you to get the most out of this Valentine’s Day treat. Therefore, let’s jump right in to the top reasons why we love (as you should) work collaboration, supported by findings from the 2018 global study of project collaboration.

1. It equips anyone with the ability to be a project manager.

Two out of every three professionals are not project management certified but are expected to manage projects. Talk about high expectations. Without collaborative work management, these professionals are left struggling through many bad dates, unsure of how to lead conversion and engage with their teams. The right collaboration tool eases any initial nerves they may have of being thrown into this project management role without proper training, creates harmony, and boosts productivity among teams. Say goodbye to those nervous butterflies.

2. It improves communication for long-distance relationships.

Let’s face it, in today’s world of work, you will be placed in a long-distance relationship at one point or another, as teams are becoming ever more varied and virtual. In fact, 80% of teams now collaborate across functions, and 59% are geographically dispersed, creating strains in communication. It’s difficult to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that all their needs are being met. Team members want to feel valued and that their work is contributing to the greater strategy and goals of the organization. This requires a lot of extra effort to keep the relationship strong and healthy—at least, without the right tools, that is. Collaborative work management allows geographically dispersed teams to feel more connected, like their voices are being heard, as it breaks down any barriers in communication caused by distance.

Accidental Project Manager Real-World ProjectPlace  Use Cases

3. It transforms the PMO into the perfect matchmaker.

72% of projects are governed by a PMO, creating both challenges and opportunities for those who manage projects. For one, it’s nice to have a greater operation in control of team relationships. They can decide who is the best fit, bring the right people together, and ultimately make magic happen to deliver goals. On the other hand, this can cause project managers to feel a bit out-of-control, as they must follow and report to such a matchmaker. But, in reality, this is a tremendous opportunity, as it again removes the initial pressure and nerves of new project managers to create true synergy among teams. The PMO has the chance to step up and set the example of effective collaboration through the adoption of a collaboration work management tool.

4. It prevents miscommunication and ensures everyone is on the same page—literally.

How many times have you needed information for a project and find yourself scrolling through endless emails or scouring multiple spreadsheets to track down exactly what you need? Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone was able to look at one document, in one location, to find all the information relevant to a particular project? This would be ideal; however, teams currently use an average of 5.6 approaches to support project collaboration, with four traditional tools at the top:

  • Email
  • Audio conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Spreadsheets

Further, one-quarter of teams say no one uses the same tools. Yikes, this sounds like a recipe for disaster in any long-term relationship. Collaborative work management allows everyone to be on the same page, stay up-to-date on crucial information, and limits any squabbles over miscommunication. Which, in fact, is the perfect segue into our fifth reason, which is possibly the most important, for why we’re head over heels for effective collaboration:

5. It eliminates the risk of heartbreak.

It a sad reality that businesses are suffering the consequences of poor team collaboration. They’re left struggling and heartbroken when their teams are unproductive. In fact, collaboration inefficiencies waste time (more than half) and result in missed project deadlines (54%), among others. There’s no sense in wasting your time in a bad relationship. Either you must put in the work to improve it or simply get out and move on. Eliminating inefficiencies ensures no one, including the organization as a whole, is left heartbroken or wounded. Instead, positive synergies flow through the organization and more work is completed, on time and within budget.

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and your team to the treat of improved work collaboration with a free trial of Projectplace. It will make everyone’s lives simpler and happier in the long-run. To help you along your collaboration journey, we have a gift just for you. Actually, a few gifts, to be exact. First, check out everything you need to know from the 2018 global study of project collaboration in the comprehensive eBook, “Everyone is a Project Manager,” which covers the top project team collaboration hurdles, what people want in a collaboration tool, action items to start a conversation, and much more. Next, check out the engaging video and infographic that accompany the eBook, especially if you’re in a time crunch and want a quick overview of the most important nuggets. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and good luck on your conquest to spread the love of effective work collaboration.

Accidental Project Manager Real-World ProjectPlace  Use Cases

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Written by Hayley Eubanks

Hayley Eubanks is a Content Marketing Specialist at Planview, leading content creation and strategy for social media and the Planview blog. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Marketing with a minor in English.