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Just learned about HPE ALM Octane? Your deployment planning starts now

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ALM OctaneToday, HPE announced some pretty exciting news: the release of HPE Application Lifecycle Management Octane (HPE ALM Octane). This product is specifically designed for high-velocity, Lean and Agile teams and clearly represents HPE’s next generation of application lifecycle management products.

Thanks to our relationship with HPE, we’ve been working with HPE ALM Octane since its private Beta and we can attest that there are some really interesting innovations in this product. And since we are a long-time HPE partner*, it should be no surprise that this release represents yet another opportunity for Tasktop to help users of HPE products by integrating them to other tools in their software development and delivery tool chain, and by helping ease adoption of new generations and updates.

As an illustration, the following video shows HPE ALM Octane integrated with JIRA and with HPE ALM:

Given HPE ALM Octane’s uniquely Agile flavor, we expect customers will want to integrate this product with many of the popular Agile planning tools (all of which we support). Of course, as is the case for HPE ALM users, HPE ALM Octane users will want to connect their entire software development and delivery lifecycle. They will want to integrate it with other tools, such as requirements management, PPM, change management, issue trackers, tools for continuous integration, build and release management… and others.

Interestingly, to help ease adoption, they will also want to integrate their new installations of HPE ALM Octane with their current installations of HPE ALM!

Customers frequently come to us to help alleviate the stress that the rollout of a new tool can bring. They use Tasktop Sync to run two versions, or two generations of the same product, in parallel. Customers have de-risked their rollout of the SaaS Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (formerly “Visual Studio Online”) by running it in parallel with Microsoft Team Foundation Server on premise, and other customers have done the same with IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Bluemix DevOps Services.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tasktop support for HPE ALM Octane, you have several opportunities:

  • If you’re going to HPE Discover in Las Vegas next week, please stop by the Tasktop booth (#608) where we’d be delighted to show you a preview of our support of HPE ALM Octane, integrated with other popular tools… including HPE ALM. (We also have a lot of other exciting news and the opportunity to get some free lifecycle architecture consulting).
  • If you’re not going to HPE Discover, but would like to learn more about integrating HPE ALM Octane to the rest of your lifecycle, or to help ease the adoption of this next generation product, please fill out this form. You can select whether you want us to contact you immediately to see the preview, or you’d rather wait until we release our full support of HPE ALM Octane.

Now that HPE has announced this next generation product, it’s time to start planning for its deployment!

  • Tasktop’s long relationship with HPE started in 2010: HPE supplies to its customers a version of Tasktop Dev called HP ALI Dev. This product allows developers access to their work in HPE ALM directly from their favorite IDE (Eclipse or Visual Studio). Since then, we’ve added Tasktop Sync support for HPE QC, HPE ALM, HPE PPM and received their coveted “HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year” award twice.

NOTE: Time is up for our Micro Focus ALM to Micro Focus Octane I/O defect synchronization offering, but you can still connect Micro Focus ALM Octane with your lifecycle and DevOps tools with Tasktop Integration Hub. 

Learn more about Tasktop support for Micro Focus (HPE) ALM Octane.

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