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JIRA und Innotas Integration - Allgemeine Fragen

Veröffentlicht By Tim Madewell

By: Tim Madewell, SVP Services at Innotas

We’ve received a bunch of questions about our JIRA integration in response to our recent partnership announcement and our webinar with Kyle Miller from JIRA/Atlassian.

Question #1: In the integration, where is request management handled? If you’re getting requests from both JIRA and Innotas, where are they managed?

Answer: It can be configured either way or bi-directional. Innotas could be the request management approval engine, which sends approved projects or tasks (issues) to JIRA. Or an issue could be created in JIRA, which could send to Innotas based on data parameters, issue type, or project in JIRA.

Question #2: Can I manage non-software development projects in Innotas that do not use JIRA?

Answer: Innotas PPM has comprehensive project management capabilities. Non-agile projects would be best managed within Innotas. The biggest value of JIRA is directly for agile teams and app maintenance teams that are better served outside a structured project environment.

Question #3: Can you tell me a bit about resource synchronization between JIRA and Innotas?

Answer: Resources are linked by email addresses in the two systems. Resources in Innotas will need to be setup to reflect resources in JIRA if one wants to bring in individual issues into Innotas and see overall resource allocation. This requirement can be automated during the integration process to lookup resources and create a new resource if one does not exist. Resources are separate from licensed users in Innotas, meaning you can have unlimited number of resources setup in Innotas.

In case you missed our webinar with Kyle Miller from JIRA, you can register for an on-demand webcast to watch the webinar at your own time.

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