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Customer Success: Spotlighting the “Other” Cloud-based Project Management Game-Changer

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

While the phrase game-changer can be applied somewhat loosely these days, there are instances when it is the only suitable, honest description – and cloud-based project and work management software certainly qualifies to be on this short list of groundbreaking innovations.

A Well-Earned Revolutionary Reputation

Game ChangerObviously, when compared to its conventional on-premise ancestor, the big, booming advantage of cloud-based project management software is cost. Instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on licenses, enterprises can purchase affordable subscriptions based on the types of functions they need, and the number of end users they have. Project management SaaS’ inherent “anytime, anywhere” accessibility, scalability, flexibility, integration, customization and collaboration also contribute to its well-earned revolutionary reputation.

However, there is another game-changing aspect that tends to get overlooked – not because it’s relatively less important, but because as noted above, the stage is already crowded with benefits. This aspect is customer success.

Spotlighting Customer Success

Achieving customer success is obviously important to conventional software vendors. However, for project management cloud vendors, customer success is more than just important – it’s ESSENTIAL – since the very business model depends on it. In other words: if customers don’t succeed, then they disengage when their subscription ends, while vendors take a major financial hit.

Fortunately, preventing this lose-lose outcome is what leading SaaS project management tools do extraordinarily well. To that end, they establish internal departments and teams that are mandated to ensure that customers:

  • Maximize their investment, minimize time-to-delivery, and create the shortest path to value
  • Use a proven methodology built on experience and best practices
  • Optimize workflows and processes to improve efficiency and results
  • Get ongoing support from dedicated resources to work with their project managers, PMO executives, etc
  • Enable continuous improvements and gains beyond implementation
  • Access on-demand training resources (e.g. webinars, tutorials, FAQs, etc)
  • Choose service packages based on their specific needs and goals
The Bottom Line

The difference between wanting customers to succeed and needing them to succeed is massive. Yes, resources and efforts go into both objectives, but the former is a priority for success – while the latter is a requirement for survival.

Leading project management cloud vendors understand this distinction better than anyone, which is why they make customer success more than just a goal: it’s a central – and certifiably game-changing – feature of what they promise, and far more importantly, of what they DELIVER.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork