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Better Visibility Into Your Connected Work Items

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We’re excited to bring to you a new view of connected cards, saving you time spent jumping between boards and allowing you to move quickly on items that need immediate attention. You can now see all work items connected to a parent card in a single view, giving you critical information, such as due dates and blockers, at a glance.

New Connected Cards View

As an Advanced or Enterprise edition customer, when you open up the Connections tab you’ll now have access to a new Cards view that shows  thumbnails of all connected child cards.  This capability enables you to quickly check the status of connected work items at the parent level, and navigate to any of the associated child cards with a single click for more details.

With the new view, you can visualize the breakdown and distribution of work across multiple boards more easily. It enables you to see a project’s progress and status of connected cards in one place — providing additional insights to quickly assess the health of the project.  You can also identify cards that may require attention due to potential issues, such as blockers or upcoming due dates — without jumping from board to board.

Using the Enhanced Connections View

The new Connections view is designed to help you manage complex workflows in Planview AgilePlace more effectively.  For organizations that distribute work across multiple Kanban boards, the ability to visualize how work is decomposed across different organizational levels keeps everyone better aligned around the status of an initiative and potential issues.

For example, if you’re an IT Operations director or project manager, you may find yourself breaking down initiatives into work items that are distributed across multiple boards. This means that critical pieces of information, such as work items that are blocked or at-risk, are often buried and therefore, easy to miss. It also means that you’re spending more time searching for blockers and less time eliminating them to keep work moving.

The enhanced card Connections view gives you better visibility into all work connected to a particular card. This helps you in two key ways:

  • Save time: Seeing an aggregated view of all connected work items lets you  quickly identify which child cards may be delaying your project.
  • Triage issues:  Being able to see at-a-glance which child cards are blocked or late helps you immediately know where to intervene.

In Lean organizations, it’s critical to have visibility into issues that prevent your work from moving across your Kanban boards. If you’re ready to help your teams deliver value faster, contact us to discuss upgrading to the Advanced or Enterprise edition.

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