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Boost Your Agile Program in 2021

Published By Meredithe Grigsby
Boost Your Agile Program in 2021

Some of the most successful organizations like Cisco, Lego, and PlayStation have found significant success by using Agile at scale. They have used various Agile disciplines, leveraged PI Planning, built high performance teams, and more to garner success. It’s that time of year for all members within Agile teams to freshen up on Agile Program Management. The resources below will help you integrate Agile Program Management into your organization to deliver faster, crush goals, and start 2021 as an Agile organization on an upward trajectory.

Below are some of the top Agile Program Management assets you can leverage right now.

What is Agile Program Management: Guide

Although Agile Program Management (APM) is on many executives’ radar for improving their organization’s delivery, there’s not a lot of great thought leadership resources that explain the basics and details of APM. The Agile Program Management Guide is a great introductory guide for organizations interested in exploring Agile Program Management. Brook Appelbaum, Director of Product Marketing at Planview, explains APM in this comprehensive guide. This guide entails the basics of APM, key concepts, roles in APM, benefits of adopting APM and more.

Agile Program Management: Make Work Connected and Visible: eBook

This newly published eBook discusses the challenges organizations are facing during Agile transformation and how implementing effective Agile Program Management can support Agile at scale. It explores how leveraging enterprise Kanban software provides structure, visibility, and accountability across teams of teams.

Agile Program Management: Video

The Agile Program Management video explains why organizations should implement APM and what benefits they can expect from APM adoption. The video illustrates an overview of Agile Program Management and discusses the key concepts, the key roles of stakeholders in APM, and more. The video also discusses how organizations can start  leveraging Agile Program Management within the Planview platform. Organizations interested in learning more about how APM can support their organization’s Agile transformation can explore a demo here.

PI Planning at Planview: Video Playlist

Complimentary to the guide above, the Program Increment Planning playlist is an avenue to see PI planning in real-time. This video playlist contains valuable insights directly from Planview’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Product Officer, and Agile team members alike. In addition to demonstrating how Planview does PI Planning, the playlist contains videos of team members providing advice to those starting to leverage Quarterly Planning in their organization. Hear from executives on Planview’s PI Planning and own Agile transformation journey. This is a great resource to learn about the benefits of PI Planning and see how Planview executes on it in their Agile Marketing organization.

Virtual PI Planning: Video Playlist

During Q2, Planview held its first Virtual PI Planning event. This event brought together key stakeholders within Planview’s PI Planning team that included the Go-To-Market Leader, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Head of EMEA Marketing, and the CMO. This playlist answers frequently asked questions that organizations have around PI Planning in the remote workforce; each question is answered by a stakeholder in the PI Planning team. Some of the topics covered included how to prepare for a virtual PI Planning event, which technologies should organizations use and what are the top lessons learned from PI Planning.

Building High Performing Agile Teams and Release Trains: eBook

Building strong teams is one of the most important aspects of succeeding with Agile Program Management. Constructing the Agile team is key for an organization to develop a foundation for their Agile transformation. Should organizations not start off their Agile practices on the right foot, there are many issues that can arise from poorly built teams or a poorly supported Agile initiative. This ebook is a perfect resource for organizations looking to get started at the team level and build toward Agile Program Management. It covers all aspects of building the best possible Agile team, and how that enables organization to leverage Agile Program Managemetn. This asset will provide organizations with the necessary knowledge to build high performing cross-functional teams and start to scale Agile practices within their business.

The 7 Must-Haves for Achieving Scaling Agile Success: eBook

For organizations already leveraging Agile Program Management, scaling successfully can be difficult. Planview has scaled Agile teams across numerous departments and captured some of our  best insights and practices when it comes to scaling Agile in this eBook. Some of the tips and tricks discussed  include how to facilitate PI Planning, the importance of Lean-Agile metrics and the value of having adaptable planning and funding priorities. Download the eBook to discover all 7 must-haves that are needed to scale Agile successfully.

We hope you enjoy going through the various videos, eBooks, and whitepapers to learn the top Agile Program Management practices and insights. This will help your teams and organization throughout the remainder of Q4 and onto 2021. To learn more about Agile Program Management with Planview, check out our our overview page here.

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Written by Meredithe Grigsby Product Marketing Specialist

Meredithe Grigsby is a Product Marketing Specialist for Planview's Lean & Agile Delivery solution, which helps organizations to plan, track, and deliver their work, no matter where they are in their Agile transformation. Her experience in Agile Product Marketing and curiosity for process improvement pushes her to ask every day "How can we do this better?" In the changing world of work, she believes in enabling our customers to make the most effective use of their work day and live by the words "Work hard. Play hard."