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Work Collaboration

Project Management Software: Chaotic Ways of Working [Video]

Game plans—they’re crucial in any sport. Take football for example. The center must snap the ball to the quarterback; the quarterback must pass the ball off to the running back, who runs the ball or passes it off to a receiver; the fullback must…

Work Collaboration

A Task Management App for Improved Work Efficiency

If you’re an “accidental” project manager, you’re likely familiar with the stress and chaos that can come from being overworked and unorganized. You may have fallen into the role, unsure of what’s expected of you or where to start,…

Customer Success, Vision and Trends

Planview Customers Take Center Stage at Gartner Global Summits

When it comes to building a world-class enterprise architecture team or delivering proven project portfolio management practices, there’s no better people to learn from than your peers – the IT, PMO and EA executives, directors, and managers…

Work Collaboration

New Projectplace Workspaces for All the Ways Teams Get Things Done

Visualize Themes and Eliminate App Switching  Whether you’re managing day-to-day tasks or completing a product roadmap, working collaboratively has never been more critical or potentially cumbersome. That’s why Projectplace by Planview…

Vision and Trends

Unify Work and Resources: Increase Efficiency and Innovate Faster

Ever feel like your competition is gaining on you? You’re not alone – fewer than half of organizations have accurate project plans and only one quarter can compare actuals to plans within three business days, according to a Ventana Research…

Vision and Trends

Major Factors Impacting the Global PPM Market

When it comes to optimizing resources and improving collaboration, we can all agree that it is getting more and more complex to manage projects and data. As a way to fine-tune and structure business, Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)…


Seven CEOs Offer Perspectives and Advice

During the few last months, there has been a lot of buzz online and social media about Joel Trammell’s Forbes article. Targeted toward CEOs, these articles interview seven CEOs and provide insight into everything from the role of a CEO, lessons…