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Six Tips for a Successful PPM Software Implementation

When planning to implement a Project Portfolio Management software solution, there are several factors to keep in mind that could be the difference between success and failure.  Below are six key areas to examine prior to implementation…


What is Top Down PPM and Why is it Important?

What is Top Down Portfolio Management? Top down portfolio management is an approach to implementing project portfolio management software that helps to minimize organizational change and promote solution adoption.  Opposed to the bottom…


Five Keys to Establishing a Successful PMO

What is a PMO? The basic definition of the PMO in a business or professional enterprise is a permanent organization tasked with one or more of the following objectives: Define and maintain the guidelines, policies, processes, and standard…


Application Portfolio Management – “Don’t Boil the Ocean”

By Samir Mukadam, VP of Product Management at Innotas We briefly mentioned Application Portfolio Management (APM) in our most recent post. Since then we have received many emails from customers and prospects on how one should go about rolling…


Resource Management 101, Part 1: People and Calendars

By: George Shaheen, Sales Consultant & Product Evangelist at Innotas So you’ve done it. You’ve decided you’re going to implement some sort of resource management within your organization to get a handle on what everyone…


Pump up your PMO with Project Portfolio Management

By: Joerg Koehler, Director of Marketing at Innotas According to a recent report from PM Solutions (The State of the PMO 2012), the sheer number of PMOs and their power within an organization has risen dramatically since 2000. 87% of all surveyed…