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Every budget is an IT budget. Now is the time for IT Alignment with the Business.

Published By Innotas Team

A recent article caught our attention where Peter Sondergaard, Senior VP of research at Gartner, stated that every budget is an IT budget and that technology is embedded in every product. So how can IT departments begin to think differently and act quickly in order to keep up with technology trends? Here are some of the facts and stats from the article published on October 22, 2012…and some ways Innotas empowers IT organizations to keep up with emerging trends.

  • The cost savings of cloud haven’t been realized—subscriptions have trumped pay as you go. Join the subscription movement and start saving now. See how Innotas customer, Chesterfield County moved PPM to the Cloud and saved $100k per year.
  • By 2015, 25 percent of companies will have a chief officer to digitize the business. Get a head start by automating your IT management processes. Check out our PPM/APM overview video to learn more about the power of PPM and APM automation with Innotas.
  • 1.9 million IT jobs will be created in the U.S. Your IT organization will always need to increase capacity & add capabilities quickly without investing in new infrastructure. Extend their capability with Cloud PPM.  Read the Business Case for PPM here.
  • Continual stream of information will transform decision-making and industries. With PPM, you’ll be constantly informed and able to make faster, better decisions—the Innotas Process shows you how it works.
  • 80 percent of businesses are using Software as a Service. Is your IT business lagging behind the crowd? Check out the solution tour & see why SaaS is hot.
  • CIOs will have to find new workers to do the big data jobs required. Simplify the lives of your IT workers by tracking big data in one place, in the cloud.

So what will you do to move your IT organization forward? Post your response on our Twitter or Facebook page. Or simply contact us for a personal demo.

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Written by Innotas Team