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Your path to work and resource management

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is in Full Bloom this Season

When selecting the right flowers to plant in your garden this spring, you may consider elements such as type of soil required, the amount of sunlight needed, and the level of care—all crucial to ensure your flowers blossom. Similarly, enterprise…


Demand Management Tools 101

For the PMO, saying “yes” to the hundreds of requests that flood their pipeline is not a long-term, scalable strategy. Sure, in the short-term, you may end up making a few people happy, but without proper project prioritization it will…

PMO, Vision and Trends

Nine Key Ingredients for Driving Value for PMO Success

PMO success is no longer just about project execution. Today’s project and program management offices (PMOs) are tasked with driving strategic value to grow revenue along with improving the customer experience and products and services.…


How to Manage Resources Effectively and Efficiently

Capacity planning is essential when it comes to how to manage resources effectively and efficiently. Businesses who embrace capacity planning find they are more nimble and capable of making sure the right resources are working on the right…

PMO, Work Collaboration

Questions to Ask Your Project Portfolio Management Vendor

“Something old” may be a cherished concept at weddings, but the same is not the case with IT project portfolio management. Let’s face it—the IT PPM market is competitive with an abundance of PPM vendors, all claiming to have the ideal…


Your PMO at Hyperspeed [On-Demand Webinar]

Call it a severe case of digital disruption. Today’s project and program management offices (PMOs) are not only being tasked to work at hyper speed, they are also being asked to balance somewhat contradictory objectives. Traditionally,…

Work Collaboration

Project Management in Demand Generation Marketing

As a demand-generation marketer, it is my job to get customers excited about our company’s products and services. The programs I manage through e-mail campaigns and social media create touch points with our customers. Project management…

Product Development

Product Portfolio Management in the Digital Era [Webinar]

It’s no secret that today’s business climate is fast moving and highly competitive. Products are becoming increasingly complex, existing in both digital and physical forms, making it difficult to advance market-driven, differentiated…