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A Force for Good: Meet Value Engineering & RFXIS Director Paula Lina

Spoiler alert: This post includes heart-warming stories and photos of adorable dogs.

Published By Ryan Walton
A Force for Good: Meet Value Engineering & RFXIS Director Paula Lina

It only takes a few minutes talking to Paula Lina to see her passion. Paula is Planview’s Director of Value Engineering & RFXIS and leads the Force for Good initiative. With nearly two decades at Planview, Paula is passionate about the company, its people, and its impact for good. Let’s get to know Paula Lina. 

Explain your role at Planview and a few of your responsibilities. What is Director of Value Engineering & RFXIS?

My team has two components. In Value Engineering, I help customers and prospects see the value Planview can bring to their businesses. I work with them to build their business cases for purchasing our software and help them uncover their return on investment.  

I also oversee the RFXIS team of four technical writers (RFXIS stands for “Request for X [Proposals or Information] and Information Security.”). They work with sales and answer all the requests for information and security and privacy documents. They are the best in the business.  

Tell us about your career journey to date.

I went to school to be an elementary teacher but learned during my student teaching that it wasn’t the right fit. A friend told me to try sales. After college, I went into tech sales for a reseller company. This was the late 90s; I barely knew how to email, so I learned a lot on the job.  

I worked at a few companies before joining Planview to start the SDR group. I managed the SDRs for 12 years and have done other jobs, including running numerous teams and programs, the Customer Cross-Sell Center for Excellence, the RFX team, Demand Generation Marketing and Strategic Sales Initiatives. Now, I’m back in the RFXIS world and Value Engineering, which has always been so interesting. I jumped at the chance to take this role because I wanted to learn how to do this. 

I’ve been at Planview for 17 years. The highlight of my career has been hiring people right out of college who didn’t know this was their career path and watching them flourish.  

You help champion Planview’s “Force for Good.” What is that? 

Force for Good is an Employee Resource Group that helps employees give back to the communities where we live and work through monetary funds and volunteerism. We started this group in May 2021 to focus on three pillars: furthering STEM education, serving underprivileged children, and fighting food insecurity.

What inspired you to get involved?

The happiest people are the people who give back. You might not have a lot, but as long as you can help someone else, it makes you happier. My philanthropy has grown throughout my life. I’ve volunteered as an elementary school mentor, helped Alzheimer’s patients, worked with Habitat for Humanity, and currently serve on the board of a non-profit called Partnership for Children.  

What sort of impact has this initiative had?

We’re becoming more organized to reach out to non-profits locally and in other parts of the world. It brings people closer together and helps people get to know their co-workers differently.

In addition to inspiring volunteerism — the initiative inspired more than 1,400 volunteer hours in our inaugural effort alone — the Force for Good group spearheaded a back-to-school campaign in August last year. Employees donated more than $5,000 to schools or nonprofits dedicated to education around the world, and Planview matched $5,000 of those donations.

Any inspiring stories that you’d like to share?

I’m inspired by all the amazing events the Global Force for Good team is arranging for our annual Week of Giving. This is when we each encourage all of our employees to take eight hours during “work hours” to volunteer for a charity of their choice. Collectively, we’ve built bikes for kids, worked at food banks, mentored girls in technology, and the list goes on. Seeing all the good Force for Good can do where we live and work is truly inspiring.

Back to your career path: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Most people know the next steps of their career path, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I was the VP of Strategic Initiatives before I took my current job, which went down to a director role. But it was such an exciting role that I didn’t mind. I never thought I would be in this role, but now I can’t imagine not doing it.  

Instead of getting hung up on job titles and reporting structures, take each opportunity to learn something new. If it’s interesting and you can make an impact, go for it. 

Are there any experiences in your life that you feel contributed to your professional success?

My dad was a hard worker and fostered that mentality in me. When I was seven, I joined 4H. I raised lambs for the county fair for 10 years. It taught me responsibility because no one was going to feed those animals but me. It instilled that drive and purpose and pride in my work ethic. I attribute that to my dad. 

What is the best career advice you have received?

A mentor once taught me not to get so wrapped up in the ultimate goal. Be in the moment of the job you’re in today. Be passionate about it. It will never be a job if you love what you do. 

What motivates you while working?

It motivates me when customers feel pride in the business case we create together, and they present it to their leaders and get the funding they need. 

How is Planview different from other companies you’ve worked for?

There have been different versions of Planview in the past 17 years, and I’ve loved every one. Planview is very in tune with what’s happening, and the products are always growing and changing. I find it exciting that Planview is a new company all the time. Every time we acquire a new company, we get more smart, talented people to learn from.  

From your perspective, why is Planview a great place to work?

You can grow your career here and don’t have to leave Planview to try something new. I’ve done many different jobs and grown a lot. The ability to try new things is so special about Planview. It fosters growth and professional development. 

For fun, how do you unwind when you are off the clock?

I have three dogs who I love. I’m also a member of three Texas vineyards. I like to take trips with my girlfriends on long weekends to see new places and try different wines.

Planview Is Hiring! 

Are you interested in joining a dynamic team and making a difference in the community like Paula? Browse the current job openings on the Planview careers page. 

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Written by Ryan Walton

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