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Work and Resource Management Makes the Agenda of Every CIO

Published By Jane Kovacs
Work and Resource Management Makes the Agenda of Every CIO

Last week, Planview CEO Greg Gilmore put work and resource management on the agenda of every CIO with his debut blog on

Why work and resource management, and why now? As Greg explains, the role of the CIO has expanded from simply protecting data and networks to turning the data on those networks into business insights that can win customers and drive revenue. CEOs want CIOs to focus on customer acquisition and retention, leading product innovation, and collaborating on customer initiatives.

Putting work and resource management on the CIO agenda where it belongs

Work and resource management helps companies of any size and industry orchestrate capabilities, resources, and outcomes to achieve strategic objectives and goals. The CIO is in a unique position to equip teams across the organization with collaborative tools that meet security and technology standards and enable the new virtual, global workforce to improve the customer experience, improve business processes, and increase operational efficiency and grow the business.

If you are not a CIO, you still have a role to play. From enterprise architects to “accidental project managers” like myself, we can all take new approaches to our roles to prepare for digital transformation and meet today’s workforce and customer expectations. Read the article on and if you’re interested in learning more, get your free copy of “Charting Your Journey to Success in Today’s Technology Revolution.” It provides information about  how work and resource management can help your company to meet the next business challenge.

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Written by Jane Kovacs

Jane Kovacs is a geek-loving, button-pushing public relations professional who loves shiny, new ideas and finding ways to use technology get the most of your day. She brings more than 20 years’ experience to her role as global PR manager at Planview. Her background includes communication roles at Pennzoil, EDS, AMD, FleishmanHillard, and 3M. She is passionate about helping companies share their stories and connect with customers.