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What’s in your wheelhouse? Integrating ServiceNow with Jira

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What’s in your wheelhouse? Integrating ServiceNow with Jira

Ask any avid cyclist about the importance of their wheels.

If their bike is highly customized, ask them if they consider the number of spokes, lacing pattern, or manufacturer of the hub and rim that make up their wheel. If the cyclist is a world-class professional, ask the same question to their Tour Manager. The answers may differ, and that lies in their perspective.

Perspective matters greatly in the world of professional biking, in addition to the world of software development lifecycle product integration. ServiceNow Jira Spoke is available and has been tested against Jira API v2 and is confirmed to work with ServiceNow v1.5.1 London. There are several other spokes released for ServiceNow Integration Hub, such as the Jenkins Spoke and the Slack Spoke. Each spoke is designed to help tie ServiceNow to other best-of-breed tools.

The Jira Spoke provides ServiceNow users with the ability to synchronize issues, stories and groups to Jira, but it doesn’t include activity monitoring, metrics or model-based integration. The feedback loops to create true bi-directional integration take additional steps to create. Drawing back on the world of professional cycling, we know that the spoke is useful in that it transfers weight from the Hub outward to the rim – which effectively keeps the wheel turning and on the road. It’s a critical component of the overall wheel, the bike and the safety of the rider – but there is a lot more to the wheel than just the spoke. Other factors help Touring Managers make procurement decisions for their cyclists, such as the Hub manufacturer, the lacing pattern of the wheel, how many spokes, the type of spokes and more.

With Tasktop’s ServiceNow Jira Integration, you can rest assured that your spoke’s lacing patterns not only support one-way (unidirectional) and two-way (bidirectional) integration from ServiceNow to Jira – but that you receive the widest available support for previous versions of both ServiceNow and Jira.

What’s more is that you’re not relegated to this one spoke; you can branch outward to other best-of-breed tools in a snap. Imagine tying Micro Focus ALM and Tricentis Tosca into your best-of-breed toolchain. Through model-based integration with Planview Hub, it’s not only possible – but easy to setup and configure. Taking it a step further, tying ServiceNow to MicroFocus ALM to Tricentis Tosca, and then outward to a small business unit that has been using an on-premise version of Microsoft TFS is a reality when your Hub is architected around model-based integration.

And that is exactly what Planview Hub is designed to do: provide organizations with a time-tested and widely supported Hub & Spoke to integrate best-of-breed tools across your DevOps toolchain. Maintaining integrations is a moving target, just like a bicycle barreling down the road at 40mph. Changing a spoke on a moving wheel is made possible with Tasktop’s innovative UI.

Check out this quick video demonstrating ServiceNow integration with Jira and HP ALM:

Every organization is seeking both the strategic and tactical advantage in this hypercompetitive marketplace. Preventing resource drain from the maintenance of running integrations between Agile, Project Management, and ALM tools provides your company with a key strategic advantage. Tasktop’s Integration Factory performs over half a million tests per day across the 50+ tools and 300+ versions of those tools.

Although one spoke on your wheel may very well be a tactical decision, the assembly, tensioning, rounding/truing and dishing of your wheel – coupled with the tension of your spokes – will determine whether your cyclist wins their next road race. A tour manager who understands the end-to-end mechanics of wheel assembly can make smarter strategic decisions for his overall race team.

The diagram below demonstrates how a wheel that is over-tensioned requires a re-haul to prevent variability in how it spins on the road. Who would have ever imagined that seemingly inconsequential spokes on your wheel could make such a difference in your race results?

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Ready to integrate ServiceNow with Jira? Request a customized demo of your toolchain. I will show you how Tasktop enables your teams to spend more time on value and less on duplicate efforts.




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