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Upcoming Webinar Provides Tips on How to Transition to Agile Methods in Marketing

Published By Nikki Glaser
Upcoming Webinar Provides Tips on How to Transition to Agile Methods in Marketing

In a recent three-part blog series, Tips for getting started with agile marketing and project collaboration, Ryan Doherty, Marketing Director at Planview, shared the story about how the company’s marketing organization made the shift from using a ticket system, that provided little visibility into work and resources, to using an agile marketing approach.

Originally, the demand generation and web teams, Ryan’s two primary teams, used a traditional ticket system to accept work requests. Typically, the team had 120-150 ticket requests at a time, making it difficult to set priorities. Tickets would get lost and information would be tied up in streams of emails.

Switching to more agile methodologies allowed them to break projects up into smaller time segments to set priorities accordingly. These principles allowed team members to make changes easily, simplify their overall workflow and actually gave them back time and bandwidth. Finally, being able to see progress across status columns for the whole team gave them the department-wide visibility they needed to do their jobs more efficiently.

At Planview, the benefits of the agile transition have outweighed the challenges. Work is now broken into smaller segments and can be done in phases for better collaboration, visibility and prioritization.

Ryan said the workload has actually increased but the stress level and emergency firefighting has gone way down – so it’s a win-win.

By encouraging feedback and ownership, all members of the marketing team now have greater visibility into the total team workload.

Learn more about how marketing organizations can easily transition to agile methods during the “Making the Leap to Agile within Marketing: A Practical Success Story” webinar Wednesday, June 22 at 1 p.m. CDT featuring Jason Morio and Ryan.

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Written by Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser is responsible for developing awareness and driving demand for Planview’s project collaboration software, Projectplace. Nikki has been involved in many different roles including marketing programs, events, integrated marketing and demand generation that have helped her develop into the modern marketer she is today. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in Advertising.