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The Value of Open Source

Published By Tasktop Blogger

I recently published a post about why I love working with open source software. At Tasktop, we have a strong open source history. Because of their participation in open source communities, many people already knew each other long before joining Tasktop.

Last Thursday, one of my team members reached out and asked for advice with regards to a build issue he was observing. We use Maven & Tycho at Tasktop for building almost all of our products. One of its unique features is automated stable versioning based on source code history and dependencies. Turns out that there was a shortcoming in the implementation with regards to building an aggregated version based on component dependencies. Thanks to Open Source I was able to provide a change on Friday, which was merged into the main code base, unblocking my team members on Monday morning their time – all within 72 hours.

You can read the full post here.

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Written by Tasktop Blogger