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The Key to Better Management is to Start Getting Lean

Published By Jane Kovacs
The Key to Better Management is to Start Getting Lean

Are your management initiatives as innovative as your products? Shifting to a leadership style that embraces change, pursues agility, and thinks outside of the box can help your company speed innovation.

In his latest Product Innovation & Technology Strategy blog on, Patrick Tickle, Planview chief product officer, invites Jon Terry, Planview chief evangelist for Lean-Agile strategy, to share his tips and insights for incorporating Lean tools into manufacturing processes.The Key to Better Management is to Start Getting Lean

Beyond improving your manufacturing processes, a Lean mindset can help you foster innovation and embrace change. But first, Terry says companies must be willing to evolve their culture for lasting change. “Lean thinking calls for a different kind of leadership—one that champions experimentation, challenges the status quo, and allows the brilliance within their teams to shine.”

When innovation moves faster than production, Lean tools can help you establish a culture of accountability and structure in a simple, manageable way.

Lean approaches to leadership and culture are helping manufacturers survive and adapt to their new fast-paced, tech-enabled reality.

Are you ready to embrace change and achieve agility at scale?

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Written by Jane Kovacs

Jane Kovacs is a geek-loving, button-pushing public relations professional who loves shiny, new ideas and finding ways to use technology get the most of your day. She brings more than 20 years’ experience to her role as global PR manager at Planview. Her background includes communication roles at Pennzoil, EDS, AMD, FleishmanHillard, and 3M. She is passionate about helping companies share their stories and connect with customers.