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The inherent value of enterprise project management

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Change, even the good kind of change, can be scary for a large organization. Any time a large-scale initiative alters the way people do their jobs, the anxiety is often apparent from the executive suite down to the newest college intern. Perceived difficulties in change management, and a lack of clarity about expected benefits, can often keep companies from moving forward with beneficial changes.

Value of Project Management 470Implementing a new enterprise project management solution, while it might appear likely to create disruption and confusion, is actually a fast and simple process, provided that the organization has chosen the right tool to implement. Once the solution is in place, the value of enterprise project management quickly becomes apparent in the form of improved productivity and reduced expenses. Good project management software can even help a company become more flexible, making future changes easier to adopt.

Here’s an overview of some of the key benefits organizations can expect to see once they move to an enterprise project management solution like Planview AdaptiveWork.

Increased Efficiency

A good project management solution will start paying dividends almost immediately in the form of increased efficiency across the organization. Project managers and team members are often amazed by how much more quickly and effectively they can work and communicate once they start using a good project management tool. Real-time interactive Gantt charts, online collaboration tools, and other innovative features can eliminate obstacles to productivity and ensure that each member of a team understands exactly what he or she should be doing every step of the way.

Reduced Costs

Another highly visible benefit of enterprise project management is a reduction of costs in several areas. The first savings are often seen in the cost of the project management tool itself. While older project management software was typically hosted on premise and required heavy up-front investment in both licenses and infrastructure, cloud-based solutions like Planview AdaptiveWork are easier to implement and significantly more cost-effective. Often these comprehensive solutions replace multiple legacy systems, and eliminate subscription costs along with the labor needed to maintain and manage them. Once project teams are using the solution, organizations can expect to see additional cost savings through the elimination or reduction of unnecessary overtime, change orders and other avoidable expenses.

Better Visibility

Large, complex organizations often struggle to gain a clear view of project status, budget performance and resource availability across a vast web of overlapping and interconnected projects. Modern project management tools allow project and portfolio managers to get real-time insight into team utilization and budget performance for the enterprise as a whole, not simply on a project-by-project basis. This level of visibility is essential for effective long-term planning and budgeting. Execs too benefit as this added visibility enables them to stay in the loop to monitor progress and proactively step in—before the project is at risk.

Better Project Outcomes

The true measure of any project management solution is found in the performance of the projects themselves. While on occasion an organization might be able to trace a specific project success to a specific feature of their project management software, the real benefit is usually seen in long-term, enterprise-wide improvements in budget performance, work quality and employee engagement.

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