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Upcoming Innovation and PPM Conferences – Enrich Consulting

Published By Dr. Richard Sonnenblick

It’s time to network and share best-practices!


The next six months is high season for conferences, and Enrich is excited to sponsor eight different events across North America and Europe between now and March 2017. While we recommend all of these conferences as excellent opportunities to network, learn from your peers, and share your own wisdom on innovation and portfolio management, we recognize that’s not possible for many people. We’ve provided some context on each one to help you pick and choose those that best match your interests. Hope to see you at some of these events! Questions? Want to meet up and talk shop? Drop us a line.

October 2-3, Amsterdam: Unleashing Innovation by Global Executive. We attended the US edition of this conference in the spring, and were impressed with the breadth and depth of topics covered. It’s a great cross-industry conference exploring how mature companies innovate.

October 6-7, Berlin: Medical Devices 3P Forum by EBCG. This will be our first time attending this conference and the fourth year it has been held. Last year’s conference attracted 120 participants and this year’s promises to be well-attended as well.

October 17-19, Chicago: Member Summit by the Industrial Research Institute. This members-only cross-industry conferences is always full of terrific presentations from experts across a wide range of topics, including project & portfolio management.

November 2-4, Philadelphia: Strategic Resource Management and Portfolio Management by Cambridge Healthtech. This is the biggest life sciences event we attend in North America and one we’ve attended for over a decade. Usually there are 125-175 attendees at these back-to-back events, with a majority attending both of them. When you bring the resource planning and portfolio people together at one venue, good conversations ensue.

November 17-18, Miami: Medical Device Portfolio Management by EBCG. The U.S. cousin of the Berlin conference being held in October, this one tends to draw more North American attendees than its European twin.

February 1-2, San Francisco: Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech by Fleming. We’re returning to this conference for it’s focus on strategic portfolio management. We also love that it’s close to our headquarters!

February 9-10, Jersey City: Pharma PPM Toolbox by EBCG. The inaugural conference was held earlier this year was excellent, full of interesting speakers and great networking opportunities. We look forward to the next edition, again just a PATH train away from Manhattan.

March 2-3, London: Pharmaceutical PPM Toolbox by EBCG. What continues to be the best portfolio management conference in Europe moves to London this year. EBCG brings together 150+ delegates from leading life sciences companies all over Europe for an extremely well-run event.

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Written by Dr. Richard Sonnenblick Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Sonnenblick, Planview’s Chief Data Scientist, holds years of experience working with some of the largest pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in the world. Through this in-depth study and application, he has successfully formulated insightful prioritization and portfolio review processes, scoring systems, and financial valuation and forecasting methods for enhancing both product forecasting and portfolio analysis. Dr. Sonnenblick holds a Ph.D. and MS from Carnegie Mellon University in Engineering and Public Policy and a BA in Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.