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The Heartbeat of Scaling Agile: Planview Agile Program Management Bundles

Published By Brook Appelbaum

It’s no secret, Planview has been in the project portfolio management game for nearly 30 years. We know project portfolio management – the different flavors and maturity models of how portfolios evolve over time. What you might be surprised to discover is our knowledge and expertise in scaling Agile.

I’d like to take a little time to explain how.

We understand the success of just one or a few Agile teams creates a ripple effect across an organization. With guidance and support from the portfolio and leadership, scaling high-functioning Agile teams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs) can transform an organization into one that pivots quickly, delivers value frequently, and propels an organization forward, all while connecting strategy to delivery. However, that’s not where all organizations prefer to start or where they can start when they think about becoming more “Agile” or think about enabling agility across the business.

With this as our foundation, our goal is to meet our customers where they are and provide guidance on their journey to enterprise agility. Our products and solutions are created to solve specific problems in the market and help our customers move to the next appropriate phase in their Agile journey.

Based on this approach, we rolled out a compelling offering for Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) last year, giving a construct for the PMO and business leaders to enable faster pivots, with continuous planning and funding capabilities. Our Enterprise Agile Planning solution enables LPM, solving for the complexities of running portfolios at different “modes” as organizations shift from traditional PPM to LPM, along with the reality of operating a business in a hybrid world. The solution serves to guide the evolution of Lean and Agile at the strategic planning and portfolio management layers.

We are also focused on the challenges of scaling Agile. For most software development organizations, scaling Agile is a fully engrained way of delivering value. But Agile ways of working are still new to many of our current customers, who typically looked to Planview for solving their portfolio management challenges. Additionally, faster delivery of value is new for business or non-software dev / IT people, who are looking for ways to apply Agile across a broad base of knowledge workers (e.g. marketing, legal, finance, audit groups etc.).

We know scaling Agile isn’t just about being successful at the team layer. Yes, Agile has a very team-oriented, grass-roots growth model, but that isn’t where it stops or where its true power lies. Agile at scale is best appreciated (and most successful) when teams are able to continue to work how they want to work, supported by a technology solution that enables planning, coordination, collaboration, visibility, and dependency management that’s required to deliver on strategic objectives.

Recognizing these nuances and differences in an organization’s Agile journey led us on our own journey. How do we deliver solutions that can help organizations in different phases of their Agile journey, but also gives them peace of mind in their technology?

To answer that question, we built the Planview Agile Program Management Bundles.The three different bundle sizes designed to support an organization (or department) of any size, with everything your teams need to get up and running fast. We included all the implementation services, data mapping tools, and Agile planning seats you need to launch an Agile Release Train quickly and getting ready for your first or next Program  Increment (PI)/Quarterly planning event.

The Planview Agile Program Management Bundles are designed to be the heartbeat of your Agile organization, taking the organization’s highest priorities and delivering against them in an accelerated and predictable way. However, Agile practices are only half the battle. Delivering value requires technology and solutions that ensure the teams stay aligned and coordinated all the way from strategy to delivery.

As your organization scales or expands Agile to the ART-level, consider doing so with an offering that includes easy-to-use software, out-of-the-box Lean metrics, and cadence-based product coaching for easy set up.

If you’re interested in learning more about Planview’s Agile Program Management Bundles you can find more information on our Agile Program Management solution page.

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Written by Brook Appelbaum Director, Product Marketing

Brook Appelbaum is the Director of Product Marketing for Planview’s Lean and Agile Delivery Solution. With nearly 20 years of marketing experience, Brook has led many different product and digital marketing teams. However, her favorite leadership role is that of a Product Owner. As part of an Agile marketing team inside Planview, Brook drives the campaign and product marketing strategy for the Lean and Agile Delivery Solution. And she thinks LeanKit is the coolest.