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The benefits of cloud-based project management software

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Should your project management software live in the cloud?

In a word, yes. The dominant trend in the software industry for the past several years has been the move from traditional on-premise licensed software to cloud-based software as a service. InformationWeek predicts that cloud-based solutions will continue to gain popularity in 2016 and beyond, as more businesses seek the lower cost, greater flexibility and other benefits of cloud computing.

If you’re still using on-premise project management software, or are looking for a project management tool for the first time, be sure to explore the advantages of a cloud-based project management solution like Planview AdaptiveWork.

Lower Costs, No Maintenance

Planview AdaptiveWork in the cloudThe most visible benefit of a cloud-based project management tool is the dramatically lower cost. Most cloud services are priced on a subscription basis, so the up-front costs are usually a fraction of what businesses might pay for a software license. The savings aren’t limited to the software itself. By choosing a cloud solution, companies also avoid the costs associated with buying servers and other infrastructure, as well as the cost of the IT teams to maintain the hardware and software.

Easy Implementation

After buying an on-premise software license, companies typically need to invest a great deal of time and money into the installation and configuration of their project management software before the PM team can actually begin using it. With cloud-based project management software, implementation times can often be measured in days rather than months. The result? You start getting a return on your investment much more quickly, and your team can start working more effectively right away.

Flexibility and Scalability

In contrast to on-premise applications, which often have strict hardware and operating system requirements, cloud PM software requires only a web browser. That means team members can use the tool no matter what platform they’re on. Cloud-based solutions also let team members use mobile devices without the need for cumbersome installation or customizations.

Another benefit of cloud hosting is rapid scalability—when your team grows or your needs change, a cloud-based PM tool allows you to add new users and new features quickly and easily.

Support for Decentralized Teams

Today, more and more businesses are building their teams with a combination of local, remote and overseas employees. Installing and supporting traditional software can be very challenging for a decentralized team, but with cloud-based software, anyone can access the solution whenever and wherever they need to.

Industry analysts see this as one of the critical benefits that will drive more companies to the cloud in the years to come. “Teams will need to be connected with increased frequency as the workforce becomes more mobile, creating the need for improved business intelligence, cloud-based project management solutions and mobile apps for data sharing, and collaboration,” according to Moira Alexander at

For more information about the wide range of benefits Planview AdaptiveWork’s cloud-based project management software can provide, read more about our line of project management solutions.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork