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Tasktop and VersionOne team up on Eclipse Mylyn integration for Agile teams

Published By Wesley Coelho
Tasktop and VersionOne team up on Eclipse Mylyn integration for Agile teams

Today marks the start of a major extension of Eclipse and Mylyn’s reach into Agile project management. We’re very pleased to announce a partnership with VersionOne to develop an Eclipse Mylyn connector for VersionOne’s Agile planning and project management platform. The Planview Certified VersionOne Connector will be included in Tasktop Pro and available as a plugin for any Eclipse-based IDE or as a standalone desktop application for product owners.

VersionOne Connector

One of the features we will be leveraging in VersionOne is their open and extensible platform approach to project management. VersionOne’s Team and Enterprise products provide comprehensive core of agile project planning and management tools. These tools are extended with a REST web service API as well as open source SDKs for both Java and .NET to facilitate integration with the rest of an organization’s unique tool stack. This open approach has led to an impressive ecosystem of integrations with defect trackers, version control system, build systems and more.

With the upcoming Mylyn and Tasktop Pro integration, VersionOne’s interoperability will take another giant leap forward in two key ways. First, VersionOne is joining the ecosystem of 42 interoperable Mylyn connectors. This will allow development teams in complex environments to seamlessly access VersionOne alongside artifacts from other supported systems as well as move and link artifacts across systems, all from within the IDE. Second, integration with Tasktop Pro will enable VersionOne artifacts to be linked with web pages, local documents, and applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

Of course, the Connector will also allow VersionOne teams to take full advantage of Mylyn’s task-focused productivity technology to focus the interface on only the code, documents and web pages that are relevant for a given VersionOne story, defect or task.

Feature Highlights
  • Access VersionOne from any Eclipse-based IDE
  • Standalone desktop application with offline access to VersionOne artifacts
  • Link VersionOne stories with artifacts in other Tasktop Certified repositories
  • Automatic time tracking and reporting
  • Task-focused interface productivity technology
  • Easy installation from the Mylyn Connector Discovery listing in the Eclipse IDE

We’ve received fifty requests for VersionOne integration and look forward to releasing the connector in March, 2010. Sign up on the VersionOne Connector page to be notified of future announcements.

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Written by Wesley Coelho