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Ten Project Management Short Courses in the UK

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Project management in the UK is becoming an increasingly sought after and hard to fill position. With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the possibility of millions of EU citizens leaving the country and massive skills shortages already showing there has never been a better time to get into the field.

To get your foot on the ladder or to enhance your skills in the area, we have looked at some project management short courses that are available in the UK. With an increased understanding of how to be a professional project manager your CV will look more enticing, opening doors to new opportunities.

1. Level 7 Diploma in Project and Quality Management – LSIB – 6 months

This course is aimed at those who hold a prior degree in another subject but wish to convert their skills into being an effective project manager. It focuses on learning management techniques and how to apply them in real situations. It also contains quality management and client relations elements.

  1. Certificate in Project Management – International Career Institute – 6 months

This option is perfect for those looking at project management short courses that will give them a strong introduction to the subject. The student will cover eight different module components, including the project management lifecycle, project implementation, leadership skills and personnel development.

  1. Project Management Short Courses – Open University – 6 months

The Open University is one of the most renowned learning institutes in Britain and it is also one of the best institutions for learning about project management in the UK. This particular course covers a wide range of topics to assist current project managers or those looking to move into the area.

  1. Project Management Short Courses – Global Edu Link – 12 months

This course aims to provide an advanced understanding of project management methodology. As well as the tools of project management such as GANTT charts and PERT diagrams, the course material is delivered through a system which gives you complete access whenever you want which means you get to study in a manner that fits your schedule.

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Course – Global EDU Link – 12 months

Getting a qualification in the globally recognized project management methodology of PRINCE 2 will give you the ability to manage business and risk more effectively, as well as providing the potential to change your work title and increase your salary. The course is created by industry experts and provided in an easy-to-understand manner.

  1. Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management – LSIB – 6 months

If you are gradually looking to develop your project management skills in your own time, then following these courses from the London School of International Business is a good place to start. Specifically, this will bolster the efforts of those looking to move onto a bachelor’s degree in project management or even going straight to the job market.

  1. PMP Project Management – Communications and Management Institute – 4 months

Receiving a PMP from a recognized PMI certified institute is the most sought-after qualification in project management short courses. This intensive 14-week program will cover all the important aspects of project management, from a project’s framework and processes to cost and communications management.

  1. Professional Development Award in Project Management – APeducation Online – 8 months

A good option if your employer provides support for professional development. This course is a Nationally-Accredited qualification and will enhance your abilities as a project manager or, if you are just starting out or looking to enter the field, give you a solid understanding of core PM principles.

  1. Competency in Project Management for Engineers & Technicians – EIT – 3 months

For professionals from the field of engineering and product design this course is excellent for converting their skills to allow them to make the transition to project management. Students will learn how to create effective and long-ranging project plans and how to keep them on track and deliver them successfully.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork