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What is SaaS Project Management?

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Any project manager wants the enterprise they work for to be successful, but they can’t be successful without software that works to its peak ability. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure that software and product updates are efficiently and seamlessly integrated so they can utilize updated, streamlined features. SaaS project management, or the delivery of project management software, helps achieve this workflow.

What Is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS), sometimes called “on-demand software”, allows software to be licensed and delivered electronically to your business computers from a convenient, centrally hosted cloud network. SaaS project management software streamlines your business by providing comprehensive tools designed to efficiently manage projects throughout its various stages. SaaS project software covers a wide range of effective tools that will improve the daily functionality of your business. SaaS project management software tracks, monitors and manages various changes, and facilitates live chat and virtual conference rooms, cost and budget analysis, bug tracking, task management capabilities and custom reporting and templates.

Why SaaS?

Rather than using on-site project management tools, SaaS project management tools encourage productivity by fostering inter-departmental collaboration (from anywhere on the planet), and serving as a nexus where approved team members can access projects and essential data no matter where it is stored. Additionally, you will minimize the risk associated with using SaaS and on-premise project management solutions simultaneously, which can cause your IT department to become bogged down with installation and synchronization issues when you need them focused on other tasks. In this sense, SaaS project management software will help you avoid common pitfalls and situations that could quickly devolve into costly conflicts that will detract from your overall goal.

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How Much Does It Cost?

SaaS project management tools will give you as much of an advantage in terms of cost as they will in terms of efficiency, especially when compared with project management applications that aren’t remote or cloud-based. In terms of the latter, many businesses complain that on-premise project management software isn’t cost friendly. One glaring reason for this is that, where most project management software includes the obligatory cost of upgrades (which usually peck at your budget more frequently than you would probably like to admit), SaaS applications free you from this constraint: the cost of both upgrades and any potential maintenance are the responsibility of the SaaS vendor. This extra freedom means that SaaS project management software ultimately makes it easier for you to offer your services to potential clients at competitive prices, making SaaS great for start-ups and enterprises alike.

Does SaaS Come with A Learning Curve?

SaaS project management systems offer a wealth of advantages over their on-premise counterparts. First, SaaS project management tools are extremely user-friendly and simple to use. This makes SaaS a great way to save time and money that, if using on-premise project management software, would instead be spent training employees on how to navigate the software. How difficult is SaaS to use? Well, if you are comfortable using the Internet then you should warm right up to any SaaS management programs. Another unique advantage of SaaS project tools is their scalability, which allows clients to both instantly purchase additional features and/or upgrade their software as needed. This seamless integration and expansion coupled with time and cost efficiency makes SaaS project management software an ideal choice for your business, regardless of its size or industry.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork