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Resources Are Revenue for Field and Professional Services

Published By Kerry Raminiak
Resources Are Revenue for Field and Professional Services

How Research, Analysts, and Experts Have Reached Consensus on Technology Requirements for Services Organizations

During the Field Services Summit, Planview’s services market expert, Steve Beaumont presented his report Resources as Revenue that is a compilation that ties together the latest research from Aberdeen Group, Service Performance Insight, WBR-Field Services Europe, and the Technology Services Industry Association to pinpoint how the latest market concerns have put these new market trends into the spotlight:

  1. Packaging and commoditizing new revenue streams to deflect from competitive pricing
  2. Technology representing the biggest risk and opportunity for revenue generation
  3. Empirically, organizations that are losing competitive advantage are relying too heavily on “legacy systems” (spreadsheets, point solutions, standalone project managers, old ad hoc tools)

In the video and in the report, Steve highlights solutions the aforementioned industry experts agree on. While the paper digs deeper into the solutions, the video also draws a line as to how each analyst and expert reached the conclusion that “resource optimization” is the best opportunity to focus on revenue generation. Specifically, the idea that making more money with less people is now the most important thing field and professional services organizations must learn to do.

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Written by Kerry Raminiak

Kerry Doyle Raminiak writes and manages the development of thought leadership materials within the purview of project-based business operations and corporate financial long-range planning. Before joining Planview, Kerry owned and operated a marketing communications firm that specialized in developing messaging for software, web-based applications, and other technology niches. Kerry has a BS in Communications from Towson University Maryland, and an MA from Pepperdine University.