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Projectplace – the Mac release and more

Published By Planview Blog

Tomorrow we have a release that will bring a lot of positive news for our users, especially our Mac users. This is what we plan to release…

Document Manager for Mac Public Beta

The internal and private beta has been successful. So now we are inviting the whole world, or at least all interested users, to try out the new Document Manager for Mac. It can also be used by people who prefer of other browsers like Safari and Chrome on a PC and are unable to use our current Plug-in for IE. The Document Manager will let you:

-Open files in the right application straight from Projectplace with an optional integrated lock function.

-See a list of the files you have open from Projectplace at the moment on your computer.

-Get promted to save back the document, add a comment to your changes and unlock it on Projectplace after you are done editing.

At this time the Document Manager is only available in English whichever language you have in Projectplace.

You can download and start using the beta by going to after the release tomorrow night.

Here are some screen shots:

New Calendar

We will release the new calendar for all users tomorrow night. This has been in internal beta for quite some time and it has a much better and more intuitive interface. Some of the improvements include:

– New sleek look and intuitive interface.

-Double click in the calendar view to create a new meeting.

-Drag and drop to change meeting time.

-Direct and seamless import from the invitation email to many local calendars including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar and Apple iCal.

-Time zone support. Time will always be displayed in the local time of the user.

-Improved overall quality.

This change will be extra welcome for non-IE users as the “old” calendar is particularly ugly for them. Also some of our international users who have suffered with the erratic handling of time zones, especially while traveling, should have a much smoother time using the calendar and meetings in Projectplace now. Time zone support works only for new or changed meetings from the release onwards. Those of you that have meetings already booked with participants outside Europe, might have to go in and check these after the release to make the time zone support works properly for the old meetings.

Send PowerTab to back

This has been one of the top ideas from our users. Many people have found it annoying the the PowerTab always stays on top, so we have introduced an option for it to be hidden by new windows. You will find this option by right clicking on the PowerTab icon in the system tray, where you will also find all other options for the PowerTab.

Just untick this option to make the PowerTab hide behind your other windows.


Do you use the help system in Projectplace? Well now you should. We have replaced the old helpsystem with a more modern and functional wiki. Try it out, it contains useful information, tips, how-to’s and films.

You can reach the new help at after the release.

WebDav Support for Office 2010

Those of our users who are not allowed to install applications like the Plug-in for IE, PowerTab and Document Manager for Mac should still have a great experience with document management in Projectplace. We have had support for opening, editing and saving back files to Projectplace from Office 2003 and 2007 via webdav for quite some time and from this release it will also work for Office 2010. This means that even if you can not install any of our document management tools, there is still support for seamless editing of Office files for Windows users.

Discontinuation of Planner Edition

From this release it will no longer be possible to purchase or try out Planner Edition. Those users who have already bought Planner Edition are not affected but all trials will expire and will not be able to buy Planner Edition.

API Portal

We have been working hard at opening up for APIs and will release an API portal for people who want to develop interfaces/third party applications into Projectplace. More information is available at

As always, I will update this information when I know exactly how the release has gone, hopefully tomorrow night.

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Written by Planview Blog