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Careful! We Have Hot Keys

Published By Chris Hefley

Now, on the options tab, you can enable Hot Keys to make commonly used actions even easier:

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Once Hot Keys are enabled, you can use them any time you are viewing an online kanban board: to add new cards, search for cards, or view the backlog and archive. Keep an eye on the legend for hot keys on the options tab. We plan to add new hot key shortcuts in the future.

Some of our customer recently asked us for the ability to turn off the automatic board refresh. Under normal circumstances, the board will check for a new version every few seconds and automatically update if there have been any changes. If you’d like to disable this automatic refresh, you may do so by checking the “Disable Board Auto-refresh” checkbox on the options tab.

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Chris Hefley Written by Chris Hefley

Chris Hefley is a co-founder of LeanKit. After years of coping with “broken” project management systems in software development, Chris helped build LeanKit as a way for teams to become more effective. He believes in building software and systems that make people’s lives better and transform their relationship with work. In 2011, he was nominated for the Lean Systems Society’s Brickell Key Award. Follow Chris on Twitter @indomitablehef.