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Planview delivers solutions that help organizations realize their resource potential. Our solutions span portfolio and resource management, strategic planning, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. Explore the products category to learn more about Planview products: Planview Enterprise, Innotas, Troux, and Projectplace. You can also explore our latest product releases as well as learn how they can help your organization improve resource utilization, accelerate time to market, and increase productivity. Cut through the noise with our common-sense tips for driving growth and innovation with strategic planning. You’ll also learn how our team is constantly evolving and designing products to address your most pressing needs. Our focus is clearly on supporting the complexity in your organization so you can easily align programs and projects to your strategic goals and track progress against baselines.


Introducing Planview Enterprise 14

We get it. No one knows Planview Enterprise better than our customers who use it every day. For Planview Enterprise 14, we partnered with 140 customers across 60 organizations that participated in inner circles covering resource staffing and connecting investments with strategies and outcomes. The result? The enhancements in Planview Enterprise 14 streamline daily tasks...

Products, Vision and Trends

Your World Is Changing: Embrace Work and Resource Management

Eight forces are hurtling towards you with increasing velocity. Over the past few months I’ve detailed all of them and how they can damage your ability to compete. Will they run you over, or will you be able to deftly handle them as opportunities to innovate and grow? This post serves as a quick summary...

Product Portfolio Management, Products

Advancing Product Innovation: Why Right Size is Better than Supersize

We may take great pride in everything being bigger and better in our great home state of Texas, but things they are a’changin’. (Tips cowgirl hat with a wink.) Seriously. Why would you want to buy more house than you can afford? Why would you want to order more food than you can possibly eat?...

Enterprise Architecture, Products

Extend Enterprise Architecture Data Across the Business

Most software companies have a regular launch cycles. But Troux 13 is anything but a regular launch. At first blush to those familiar with Troux, it may look like a makeover: it’s definitely a great-looking (and great-to-use) product. But a second look will reveal that this is far more. Troux 13 is about empowering greater...

Products, Vision and Trends

Use Case: Hospitality Company Implements Keyless Entry System Using Outcome Roadmaps

In the release of Planview Enterprise 12, we introduced the concept of outcomes and the ability to create and associate roadmaps from the programs driving strategy. With the release of Planview Enterprise 13, the focus has shifted from the program managers who execute strategy, to those who create the plans that drive strategy. And in...

Products, Vision and Trends

What Do You Manage? Redefining Outcomes and Their Relationship to Strategic PPM

What Do You Manage When You Are Managing a Product or Service? Outcomes. Organizations are currently focused on the big three strategies: growth, innovation, and customer experience. Whether they are outlined in annual reports or the result of multiple surveys about what’s top of mind for executives, it’s just about guaranteed to roll up to...

Products, Vision and Trends

Productpolooza Advances Work and Resources Management with Modern Streamlined UX

Over the past several weeks we’ve launched the most exciting product announcements in Planview history. Fall 2016 Productpolooza features major updates to Planview Enterprise, Troux, Innotas, and Projectplace. What’s so exciting is not just the new features and enhancements we’ve added to each product… it’s also about how these products – individually and in different...

Products, Vision and Trends

Planview Productpolooza: This Fall is Going to Rock!

Although it has been a crazy few months in the USA (you all know what I’m talking about), on the flip-side it has been a great fall season for rock and roll. C’mon, Bob Dylan wins a Nobel Prize! Get out! Most of us did not see that coming, but well deserved (and very innovative)....


Without You, There Is No 12. That Is the Answer.

We have a saying here at Planview. We’ve been saying it so long that it’s become part of our culture. One person starts it, another finishes it. Without You, There Is No Us Our CEO, Greg Gilmore, coined it years ago. He was addressing our customers at a user conference. He took these words back...


12 Tips for Un-Common Sense Resource Planning

***Warning: These 12 Tips are provided to help you bring common sense to your organization’s resource planning. If your organization isn’t ready for common sense, proceed with extreme caution. But proceed nonetheless.*** In my roles both as author on the subject of project management and working here at Planview with our fantastic customers, I can...