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Published By Breann Goins

To create interconnected products and services that move a company forward, business leaders must continually assess and evolve capabilities while directing cross-organizational coordination between strategy, work, people, technology, and outcomes.  

To help drive change and advance strategic objectives, organizations turn to enterprise-wide portfolio planning and delivery solutions such as Planview Portfolios®, which enables strategy execution, project portfolio management, lean portfolio management, product portfolio management, and enterprise architecture.  

In the Planview Portfolios reviews below, PeerSpot members who use the platform share how Planview’s solution translates strategy into results. 

Planview Portfolios Reviews 

Gaining visibility across portfolios 

Business transformation initiatives depend on bringing strategy to life and fueling innovation. Planview Portfolios enables these processes by orchestrating work and resources dynamically through integrated portfolios across projects, programs, people, products, technology, and capabilities — all within a common user experience. 

Here’s how Planview Portfolios helped companies gain visibility across portfolios to support their enterprise-wide transformation.  

A system administrator at a financial services firm uses the solution for portfolio planning, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting. He reported that the solution “improves our monthly portfolio and resource capacity planning and forecasting.” He added that Portfolios also improves the visibility of the resource capacity and his team’s capacity to take on new work. 

Everything is in Planview. Planview is the source of truth.

Lavanya J., IT Portfolio Management Senior Consultant 

Roderic P., a Planview Administrator and Robotic Process Engineer at a financial services firm, cited how Portfolios has improved his organization’s ability to look at the hours that people track, as well as their communication. He said, “It’s been very beneficial to be able to group projects in the portfolios, filter them and see all of that data graphically using the Power BI or the standard reporting that came with the FastTrack setup.” 

An insurance company uses Portfolios for project/portfolio management. According to Lavanya J., an IT Portfolio Management Senior Consultant at the company, Portfolios enables her team to minimize the usage of tools like Excel for tracking. They now have one place of the source at a consolidated level.  

She remarked, “This [solution] has reduced the amount of time and improved visibility across the organization on portfolio management. Everything is in Planview. Planview is the source of truth.” 

Prioritizing and delivering projects based on business value  

Planview Portfolios powers Planview’s project portfolio management and work management solutions, enabling PMOs and EPMOs to orchestrate strategic execution across all work, people, capabilities, and financials – so they can prioritize and deliver projects based on their business value. 

The Director of IT at an educational organization has been turning to Portfolios for using the requests, the work and resource planning, and the financials. And he’s been very pleased, as he said, “Portfolios allows us to provide a single-source view of our IT portfolio, how it aligns with the strategy of IT, and shows us the big picture of our workforce and where we’re investing.” 

Allan S., an IT Architect at a healthcare company, acknowledged how Portfolios allows program managers to group work together and see the resource demands and the costs at a consolidated level.  

He explained, “It gives you the ability to see across a portfolio the cost and resource demands. It helps us in the portfolio management to make sure that we’re working on the right things and have the right amount of resources and it gives us visibility into future demand to help us plan for resourcing.” 

“Because we use portfolio management or resource portfolio management, with that setup, we can look at it from a program perspective,” said Ray V., a Portfolio Manager at a government office. He was pleased with how program managers are enabled to group work together and see the resource demands and costs at a consolidated level.  

He elaborated, saying, “If you identify portfolios within a program or projects within a portfolio program and the same with resources, you can classify them by type, by departments and desk to see where your availabilities are.” 

Project and portfolio management within the technology department are Musunga K.’s main uses for Portfolios. For this Senior Analyst – Technology at a financial services firm, Portfolios “is what we use to manage our technology work in terms of resource assignment, timesheet submission and entry, and work schedule.” 

Connecting team-level work with high-level Agile planning 

Planview Portfolios makes it possible for organizations to scale agile through Lean Portfolio Management. Agile Transformation Offices and business leadership can use it to visualize value streams, optimize workflows, and achieve enterprise agility through quicker planning, funding, and delivery of products and solutions. Planview Portfolios helps organizations improve business outcomes, support their strategic objectives, and promote continuous improvement throughout the company. 

For Kelly B., an Enterprise Portfolio Manager at an insurance company, Portfolios has helped with the prioritization of projects through alignment with strategic objectives. She explained, “We can determine if something is our strategy, what our desired outcome is, then how it aligns and how it is going to add value. I’m excited about what it’s going to bring into our planning as we move forward.” 

In an effort to balance the old traditional resource management and costing with the new Agile way of doing things, Project Administrator Keith K. and his team at an insurance company re-engineered the solution.  

He described the situation: “We have integration between Portfolios and JIRA and we’re trying to pull over as much of that information as we can from JIRA so that the frontline folk are doing their day-to-day work in JIRA and we have more of the product owners, project managers, program managers doing the high-level planning work in Portfolios.” 


Portfolio planning and delivery are essential for projects that further a company’s strategy or allow for innovation. As PeerSpot members explain in their Planview Portfolios reviews, the right solution can make a big difference when it comes to delivering the right outcomes. 

Check out the on-demand demo of Portfolios to see the solution in action. 

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Written by Breann Goins Sr. Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager

Breann Goins has been an integral part of the Customer Marketing organization at Planview since 2019. As Sr. Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Breann manages customer forums globally, oversees the strategic executive council, enables Sales with customer content, and works closely with the Customer Advocacy team to provide stellar advocates and continued peer reviews. Particularly passionate about working with customers, Breann loves to partner with customers to develop engaging presentations for Accelerate, Planview’s premier customer conference.