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Building Together: Introducing the Planview Customer Community

The all-new community rolls out to Planview AdaptiveWork customers today, with access for more customers coming soon.

Published By Paul Yaros
Building Together: Introducing the Planview Customer Community

You spoke, and we listened. 

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the brand-new Planview Customer Community, designed to increase collaboration, connection, and meaningful discussion between you and other Planview customers. 

Here at Planview, we have five core values that shape the way we innovate and partner with our customers. To deepen our commitment to two of these values, “Build Together” and “Strengthen Connections,” we’ve created a dedicated space for you to engage with industry peers and provide feedback to Planview experts.

Customer-centricity is at the heart of Planview product innovation. This community is yet another way we will partner together to build better products.

The Planview Customer Community launches today to Planview AdaptiveWork customers, with plans to welcome customers using other Planview products in the future.

Our Vision for the Planview Customer Community 

In 1995, developer Brendan Eich created JavaScript, and the programming language became the most popular in the world. Today, the JavaScript community has more than 17.5 million members around the world sharing knowledge, tips, experiences, and ideas. 

Inspired by the thriving customer communities at Javascript and others around the world, we created the Planview Customer Community to provide a forum for meaningful engagement, designed to help you maximize the value you get from Planview products. 

Based on customer feedback, we have designed our community for you to:

  • Engage in discussions with peers
  • Deepen your understanding of use cases
  • Gain valuable tips and tricks
  • Share feedback and insights
  • Contribute to product improvements
  • Elevate your customer experience
  • Connect with Planview experts

A Dedicated Space to Ask, Learn, Discuss, and Share

At Planview, we value continuous learning and improvement. Our community discussion forums are based on our “Ask, Learn, Discuss, Share” concepts, and provide a collaborative environment for you to engage in discussions with others, share knowledge, and seek answers from industry peers and Planview experts. 

Our platform will keep you informed of customer events and webinars, and provide opportunities to make your voice heard through interactive polls.

Community members will also benefit from:

  • Learning opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Product tips and updates
  • Opportunities to earn badges

Your voice matters, and Planview is excited to embark on this journey of continuous learning with you. 

How to Join the Planview Customer Community

Right now, the community is available to just AdaptiveWork customers. If you are an AdaptiveWork customer, then you can follow these steps to join:

  • Create your user account at
  • Activate your account via your activation email
  • Go to the Welcome section to get started
  • In the future, single sign-on from AdaptiveWork will be available

We plan to welcome Planview customers who are using other products soon. Stay tuned for announcements on which products we’ll be building communities for next.

A Roadmap for Customer Success

With a commitment to creating a community where collaboration and learning thrive, the Planview Customer Community is just getting started. We’ll be adding more enhancements as it grows, including:

  • User groups
  • Communities of practice
  • Fun contests
  • Self-serve content

Elevate Your Customer Journey

“Building Together” is one of our core values at Planview, and building our customer community is one of the many ways we deliver on our commitment to ongoing customer engagement and success. 

We are excited to bring you a platform where you can connect with other Planview customers to share real-world challenges and solutions, gain insights into best practices and use cases, and explore the path of becoming a Planview expert within your organization.

We’ll see you there!

If you have questions to ask or feedback to share about the Planview Customer Community, please reach out to your Planview representative.

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Written by Paul Yaros Chief Customer Officer

Paul Yaros is chief customer officer responsible for the global delivery of our Customer Services organization, including Customer Care, Professional Services, Customer Success & Renewals, and Global Learning. Paul has over 20 years of experience in the technology space working to transform services organizations through continuous improvement and by empowering individuals and teams to build higher degrees of intimacy to improve the customer experience and deliver meaningful value to the customer.