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PMO Case Study Roundup: Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Could the secret to maximizing business value in a down economy lie within your PMO?

Published By Miko Laforteza
PMO Case Study Roundup: Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs

In anticipation of International PMO Day, we began curating the stories for this PMO case study roundup several weeks ago.

Today’s global day of acknowledgment for PMOs — held each year on the second Tuesday of May — is for “recognising, highlighting, promoting, appreciating, and celebrating PMOs,” says the organization’s website.

And for good reason.

The PMO has a long history of driving significant benefits for the business.

Benefits such as increased productivity, consistency, and top-down strategic alignment – already seen as quite valuable in a good economy – are even more crucial as companies look for new ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs in today’s down economy.

A PMO can support cost reduction by promoting efficient and effective project management practices, ensuring project investments align with business priorities, and continuously improving processes to optimize resource utilization and minimize costs.

But PMOs must be agile and adaptable to be valued business partners. The best PMOs prove their value and continually find new ways to contribute to the overall efficiency and lowered cost of the business, all while unlocking capacity. 

PMO Case Study Examples

The following PMO case study examples highlight how Planview products help companies be agile and adaptable while increasing efficiency and contributing to cost reduction.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Drives Agility through Planning and Delivery 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is the largest health insurer in the state, supporting 3.9 million members.  

But at 90 years old, Blue Cross NC realized it needed to drive agility and update its approach to resources, work, and processes to become a model of a transformational health system. Blue Cross NC partnered with Planview to create hybrid practices to improve speed to value and help the company to scale sustainably and be more agile in its market response. 

The process required a thorough assessment, evaluating what teams could pilot a continuous delivery-like model, aligning technology to help teams succeed, and then restructuring teams based on roles.

The updated ecosystem and mindset have increased agility and, perhaps more importantly, changed the momentum for continued improvements.

“In a short period of time, we have already increased our release velocity by 10% compared to other projects in the portfolio, delivering 60 features in only a quarter, and have measurable cost avoidance.”

Lilith Anderson, Blue Cross NC Director of Enterprise Portfolio Management & Governance

Read the full PMO case study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Transforms Planning and Delivery to Drive Agility

Cognizant Modernizes Processes to Improve Visibility and Security 

Professional services and consulting company Cognizant has over 340,000 employees who help clients modernize technology, reimagine processes, and transform experiences worldwide, especially in the life sciences and financial services industries.

Cognizant saw a need to modernize and streamline its own processes, especially after a devastating security breach in 2020. The company’s manual processes were inconsistent and unsustainable, leaving openings for security issues and a lack of visibility across programs. 

Partnering with Planview, Cognizant created a multidisciplinary team to build and implement the enterprise PMO roadmap. Planview’s cloud-based interface allowed Cognizant to centralize and automate its project and portfolio management and governance, creating a more cohesive, connected, and secure system. 

Implementing consistent processes for demand intake, investment planning, and project management led to improved delivery success and predictability. One of the biggest results was Cognizant’s investment prioritization scoring based on criteria teams developed from the new processes.

“Planview PPM gives us end-to-end visibility, accelerates our time to market, and readies us for all the investment scrutiny we need going forward. I can’t overemphasize what a great tool this is for governance reporting.”

Estela Lauricella-Thota, Senior Director of Technology Transformation

Read the full PMO case study: Cognizant Automates Program and Project Management Processes to Drive Internal Transformation 

Ingram Micro Removes Silos and Boosts Agility 

As an IT solutions provider for more than 170,000 customers in 61 countries, Ingram Micro is an industry leader in technology and supply chain services. The company helps businesses maximize the value of their technology and had $54.5 billion in revenue last year.

But as the industry evolved, Ingram Micro needed to transform its current capabilities to increase agility. By improving its processes, Ingram Micro can share its experiences and help other companies move forward. 

Partnering with Planview allowed Ingram Micro to re-evaluate how it delivers value. The company standardized performance around value streams, value delivery, and outcomes with cross-team alignment. Planview modules defined a standard language across all teams and regions to put everyone on the same page. 

An internal assessment using Planview Project Management Portfolios identified silos that were causing inefficiencies. Those teams then shifted from traditional dashboards to Agile project portfolios. The result is an agile PMO that adds value and provides visibility into best practices across the entire company.  

“Planview helps us tie strategies to outcomes and whether or not we’re delivering against those things.”

Adriana Callerio, Ingram Micro IT Performance and PMO Leader

Read the full PMO case study: Ingram Micro Embraces Uncertainty, Modernizing and Scaling Global IT PPM for Business Agility 

SITA Adopts Planview’s Cloud-Based System for Accurate, Real-Time Insights

SITA is a leading air transport IT and communications provider with partnerships and a presence with nearly every airline and airport worldwide. SITA works with everything from managed global communications to passenger management, self-service, baggage, and more.  

SITA faced the challenge of a major customer’s siloed communication and project management system, which led to a lack of visibility and flexibility and made it impossible for SITA to monitor the account’s progress effectively. Without a cloud-based solution, employees hit roadblocks and couldn’t work with real-time, accurate data. 

SITA turned to Planview’s AdaptiveWork solution for a cloud-based, end-to-end platform that seamlessly consolidates tasks. No matter where they are, workers can now access accurate, real-time data that they can adjust and update as needed. In the seven years since SITA adopted AdaptiveWork,1,500 projects have gone through the system, speeding up progress and reducing costs and redundancies.

“AdaptiveWork has helped us to become more efficient, enabling us to easily allocate internal costs, better manage resources and provide teams with the visibility they need on projects. We thought consolidating our multiple programs and tools into one system would be challenging, but Planview was with us every step of the way and made the process as seamless as possible.”

Tony Willers, SITA Manager Service Solution

Read the full PMO case study: SITA

Now is the Time to Transform Your PMO

As economic tailwinds swirl, having an agile and adaptable PMO has never been more important. Like every other business entity, PMOs aren’t immune to budget cuts. That means they must continually transform and be agile to contribute to the business goals. These case studies show the immense potential of transforming a PMO and the incredible benefits it can bring to clients and the bottom line. 

Learn more about how to modernize and transform your PPM approach so you can maximize business value.

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Written by Miko Laforteza Product Marketing Specialist

Miko Laforteza is a Product Marketing Specialist responsible for driving go-to-market strategy, positioning, and operationalization of the Project Portfolio Management solution at Planview. He is a creative problem solver and is passionate about helping organizations on their technology maturity journey.