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New Look, Same Planview AgilePlace

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You may have noticed a few small changes recently in Planview AgilePlace, namely the font and color. These changes are just a couple of examples of the many small changes we will be making as we update our UI to a new, fresh look. Our goal is to maintain the same ease of use that exists in Planview AgilePlace today, while implementing design changes to ensure consistent and effortless experience across all devices and browsers.

This facelift will refresh Planview AgilePlace’s look, taking our earthy board backgrounds to a more neutral grey to provide higher contrast between card colors and visual indicators like blocked cards and priority level. These color decisions lend to further visibility and serve our overall investments in developing a simplistic, easy to use UI.

We’re only a week into the updates, but want to give you a small sneak peak into our final design goals.


Changes to the colors on the home screen help focus the eye on board titles, making it simpler to navigate to the board you’re looking for.


The shift from a warm tone to a cool tone grey improves the contrast between cards, lane headers, and visual indicators.


The card details will also receive a more neutral grey in preparation for enhancements to the Card History tab.


These are just a few of examples of where you might notice changes as we enhance the look and feel of Planview AgilePlace. Eventually, you will see UI refreshes in almost every aspect of the application, from toolbars and menus to reports. These changes shouldn’t affect your abilities in the app or hinder your overall experience at all! In fact, we’re aiming only to improve your experience in Planview AgilePlace so you can continue using it to do your best work.

We plan to gradually roll these updates out over the coming weeks. We hope that you enjoy the new look as much as we do!

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